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CSC Tank Truck Business Division Held A Training

CSC Tank Truck Business Division Held A Training

Dec 02, 2019

Recently, CSCTRUCK in order to implement the company's "Resource Integration, Quality Upgrading" development strategy, improve management skills, Chusheng factory tank truck division vice general manager Mr. Shi precious organization tank truck assembly department heads to carry out "How to be an Eligible Supervisor" as the theme of training activities

 how to be a supervisor

At the orientation training meeting, Mr. Shi spoke deeply and lively about the basic ability that should be required as a supervisor, and the important role that the supervisor plays in their works. And stressed that the supervisor is the company’s connect link as a key position and a bridge of communication, and is closely related with the company's whole productivity and efficiency. As a supervisor not only to quality and quantity to complete the task assigned by the superior leadership, but also to understand the individual ability and expertise of each deployed employee, fully mobilize the positive initiative of each employee, improve efficiency.


This orientation training meeting, Company principal leaders also share their personal work experience actively, explaining that as a eligible supervisor should be with ability required in charge of and the basic responsibilities of the job, role, etc. made a detailed statement, to participate in the training of the supervisors seriously study, positive thinking and careful notes. Through this training not only improve the management's understanding of the position, but also greatly improve the basic quality of company managers.