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CSCTRUCK Aluminum Fuel Tank Truck Got Quality Awarded

CSCTRUCK Aluminum Fuel Tank Truck Got Quality Awarded

Apr 21, 2020

In order to promote the strategic direction of our city's quality improvement, guide and promote enterprises to improve the quality level, and enhance the market competitiveness of our city's products, the Suizhou Quality Association held the "Suizhou First Product Quality Award" selection activity. The expert jury composed of professors from scientific research institutes, key technical institutions, government supervision departments, etc. has passed various levels of screening, on-site verification and other forms to assess the company's product quality level, product manufacturing process capability, quality control capability, market share The development prospect has been fully evaluated, investigated and verified; after being evaluated by an expert jury, it is submitted to the jury for comprehensive evaluation. The CSCTRUCK brand aluminum alloy oil tanker produced by CSCTRUCK. won the first product of Suizhou Quality bonus award.


CSCTRUCK will continue to focus on customers, continuously improve and improve the company's product quality, enhance the company's quality assurance capabilities, and provide customers with quality products and first-class services. We will always keep our mission in mind, forge ahead, and create more achievements for the promotion of CSCTRUCK's quality construction!