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CSCTRUCK Won The National Product After-Sales Service Standard Certification And Brand Certification Star Certificate

CSCTRUCK Won The National Product After-Sales Service Standard Certification And Brand Certification Star Certificate

Sep 16, 2020

In order to enhance the company's brand and service professionalism, make the brand and service standard and scientific, reach the international and domestic advanced and industry-leading level, and effectively enhance the competitiveness of the industry, the wholly-owned subsidiary of CRRC Urban Transport Co., Ltd. "Hubei Chusheng "Automobile Co., Ltd." also launched the "BSCC Brand Certification" and "NECAS National Commodity After-sales Service Standard Certification".

      The national product after-sales service standard certification is issued by the Ministry of Commerce. Brand certification is my country’s first third-party brand authority certification. Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center and the National Product After-sales Service Evaluation Standard Certification Review Committee undertake specific tasks. Since the launch of the two national-level certifications, they have achieved great response in the industry and all walks of life, and they have played an important role in the construction of the company's brand and service system.

      In 2020, CSCTRUCK. began to prepare for certification, and has done a series of work in terms of service system establishment, personnel and resource allocation, service executive level supervision, customer visits, and after-sales service investigations. From the company's brand and service system documents and systems, it is sorted out, and then from the leadership to the specific departments, it is implemented to the people and promoted at various levels. As the parent company, CRRC City Transportation Co., Ltd. has conducted in-depth docking with CSCTRUCK. in terms of brand building achievements, social responsibility fulfillment, and corporate culture construction to ensure the smoothness and completeness of related procedures and materials.

     On September 7, 2020, the company ushered in the review team of the "Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center", the leading drafting unit of the two national standards "Guidelines for Commercial Enterprise Brand Evaluation and Corporate Culture Construction" and "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" to conduct the official site Review.

      In accordance with relevant standards, laws and regulations, technical specifications and the company's existing service system, the review team reviewed the company's brand and service capabilities one by one, involving sales, quality, service, manpower, market, brand, corporate culture and other departments. According to the company's product classification, the review team also sampled on-site execution and management departments within the coverage of the brand and service system, obtained evidence through different methods such as communication, reviewing documents and records, and on-site observation, and conducted a rigorous and systematic review.

      The review team believes that CSCTRUCK. has a good brand management, planning and guarantee mechanism, and has high brand awareness, user loyalty, industry influence and social influence in the industry. It is fulfilled from product quality, service attitude, and service promise And other aspects have also won a good reputation. The corporate culture is rich in content, able to convey good integrity values, and employees have a strong sense of identity and belonging. The service process is accurately identified, service execution is continuously controlled, personnel and resource allocation can meet service requirements, service personnel have strong technical capabilities, and a good service promotion tracking and self-improvement mechanism has been established internally to continuously improve the service system and execution effect , There is a complete service supervision system, which can be effectively implemented in terms of customer relationship maintenance and complaint handling, and customer satisfaction is generally high.

      Finally, the review team confirmed that the company has obtained the five-star certification of national product after-sales service standard certification and brand certification.

      Passing certification proves that CSCTRUCK. is leading in brand management and construction, its after-sales service capability has reached national standards, and it has also achieved good results in management and implementation of norms, continuously improving customer satisfaction and brand image for the company, and The overall promotion of market competitiveness adds an important weight.

      The service is endless. The national product after-sales service standard certification and brand certification are honors and incentives for the company. The company will continue to maintain the advantages obtained in brand and service, and combine the shortcomings in national standards and reviews, and continue to improve. The brand and service system has penetrated into every detail of management and execution, strengthened the construction of service network and service resources, further improved customer satisfaction and made greater achievements.