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CSCTRUCK Sign Deep Cooperation With Dealer Team

CSCTRUCK Sign Deep Cooperation With Dealer Team

Apr 30, 2020

April 29, the Sunny and Spring Blossoms day, the signing ceremony of the Spring Action of the "1135" Cultivation Plan was held in CSCTRUCK.

The protagonist attending today's signing ceremony is the dealer team that has established a strategic cooperative relationship with the company. The company's senior management team came to witness the exciting moment.

 CSCTRUCK Sign Deep Cooperation with Dealer Team 1

At 10 a.m., the signing ceremony kicked off under the auspices of Vice President of Marketing Dong Wuyong. General Manager Wang Xiaokang stated his speech that the leaders of the government of city and province frequently visited the company for research and guidance. The quality and achievements of the company at this stage have been highly appraised and recognized. At the same time, it also said that it will continue to provide key support to CSCTRUCK. Good government-enterprise relations have created a favorable external environment for the company.

CRRCSH provided great support to CSCTRUCK in terms of investment and construction, technology improvement, industrial layout, and resource integration, which further improved CSCTRUCK's market competitiveness and influence, and injected a continuous driving force into the enterprise. Provides a stable professional brand guarantee for the dealer team.

CSCTRUCK Sign Deep Cooperation with Dealer Team 2

During the current epidemic situation, on the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, the company strives to create favorable conditions for dealers through a series of measures such as rectification, standardized management, regular communication, and improvement to provide a better marketing environment and logistics support, help dealers create higher performance.

In his speech, the manager of the Beijing Foton Motor Co., Ltd of Auhawk, Aumark for Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi province said that he will continue to provide CSCTRUCK with chassis protection services, and at the same time, it has analyzed and proposed the characteristics of the China emission standard VI model and its future development prospects.

CSCTRUCK Sign Deep Cooperation with Dealer Team 3

The signing ceremony was the most exciting moment. Representatives of the five dealers held cash and signed the contract with the company. Everyone who attended the ceremony witnessed this moment with miles. The "1135" cultivation plan is a policy issued by the company in mid-April about dealers' "cultivation" and "management". Through the four focus points of "integration, management, delivery and service", the quality construction of the dealer team is strengthened Today's signing marks the first shot of sincere cooperation for the "1135" cultivation plan, and also draws a perfect ending to the successful conclusion of the signing ceremony.