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CSCTRUCK Sweeper Truck Booster The Sanitation Contest In PRD

CSCTRUCK Sweeper Truck Booster The Sanitation Contest In PRD

Dec 25, 2019

Pearl River Delta

On October 12, sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Guangzhou General Trade Union, Guangzhou Municipal Administration and Integrated Law Enforcement Bureau, guangzhou sanitation industry association, Guangdong Environmental Health Association, Guangzhou Urban Minerals Association jointly hosted the first "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area Sanitation Skills Competition" in Guangzhou ushered in the last competition day, The final two competition subjects were held in the morning: the Road Sprinkler Skills Competition and the Mechanical Cleaning Skills Competition.

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It’s a nice day today. It came nearly 200 contestants and leading guests here, and finally after fierce competition, road sprinkler skills competition project by the Guangzhou Baiyun District team Mr. Zhou Zhijun won the first prize, and from the Guangzhou Ring Association team Mr. Jiang Xuelin won the first prize in the cleaning machine skills competition.

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The base camp of the participating teams and the medical assistance points

In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, to practice General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest expectation of Guangdong "four to walk in the forefront of the country", and actively implement the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area" national strategy, guide the Bay Area sanitation workers to establish a sense of love and dedication to service, in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the motherland, Relevant departments decided to hold this event competition in Guangzhou, so as to more effectively promote the standardization of sanitation operations, mechanization, for the entire Greater Bay Area to contribute to the new look.

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Participants and teammates studying the track

The competition lasted two months of team selection, in the city and region of the best selection, the organizing committee according to the actual situation of the entries, including professional knowledge contest and labor skills competition, the latter includes: all-round sanitation skills competition, mechanical cleaning skills competition, road sprinkler skills competition, toilet cleaning skills competition, Six competitions, including the Waste Classification Skills Competition and the Sanitation Skills Innovation Show Competition.

And mechanical cleaning skills competition and road sprinkler skills competition is the gold content of the two competitions, preliminaries and finals span three race days, in addition to the requirements of the contestants with skilled driving skills of large equipment, but also have certain requirements for operating vehicles to meet the standardization of the event, highlighting the mechanization of the industry.

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Sweeper made of chassis with CHENGLONG M3

CHENGLONG M3 made this race fierce

According to the multi-faceted evaluation of the event organizing committee, it was decided that the skill contest should be based on a sweeper built by the CHENGLONG M3 chassis. In this regard, the field leaders and the industry have a strong interest in these two sanitation vehicles.

It is introduced that the two sanitation vehicles are built by NEW CHELNGLONG M3, Euro6. Equipped with Dongfeng Cummins 6.7 liter engine, from 200 horsepower to 230 horsepower, the maximum torque output of 900 Nm, Match Dongfeng DT0690 transmission, using 5T-class front axle and 153 rear axle, speed ratio of 5.571, the number of reeds of 11/12 plus 9, can be described as excellent performance, in line with the needs of sanitation vehicles. In addition, the truck is also equipped with mechanical full-floating cab suspension, mechanical shock-absorbing seats, truck terminal (travel recorder and compatible with GPS, polymorphic switch and other configurations, and battery-free maintenance, with under-the-car start-up shutdown, cab power total switch and other functions.

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CHENGLONG M3 won the champion of China's most fuel-efficient truck, in view of the high attendance rate of sanitation vehicles, vehicles in a long-term low-speed operation, and the need for additional electric drive equipment operation, after a long period of accumulation, can indeed save the enterprise a very substantial fuel consumption costs. Liuqi experienced 50 years of development and innovation, its truck industry is important, mature production lines, stable product quality, comfortable driving experience, with its creation of sanitation vehicles is a good choice.

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The sweeper on the move

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CHENGLONG M3 spraying truck

●Participants have something to say to CHENGLONG M3

For enterprises, it is best to control the cost of expenditure, but also to take care of the working environment of employees, the most intuitive embodiment is the new CHENGLONG M3 to NVH noise reduction optimization process in place. Sanitation workers in the work, in addition to the vehicle engine roar, equipment work noise, in fact, the noise on the road is the biggest impact on the comfort of work, and the car's cab can perfectly "shut out" these sounds. In addition, the interior space and spaciousness is also very good, the cab field of view is open, easy to find hidden dangers in time, which is also the sanitation car attaches great importance to the safety items.

"We work eight hours a day, basically will always sit in the TRUCK to work, so sit for a long time will inevitably back pain, since the company changed this Liuqi's work car last year, driving comfort is the most impressive place for me, " said Master Li, who just finished the race, he also equipped with seat airbags for the cab of the sanitation truck, the suspension cab is satisfied.

While watching the race, Mr. Zhou said: "This is my first time to drive Liuqi's car operation, feel really good, because we usually hang second gear forward, speed in 10 kilometers below, although for horsepower, control is not too much requirements, but the configuration of these things are real." "

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Participants are watching the race