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CSCTRUCK Will Build Special Vehicle Base In FOSHAN

CSCTRUCK Will Build Special Vehicle Base In FOSHAN

Aug 16, 2019

Mr. Lin Appointed Secretary of Baiji Town, FOSHAN Visit CSCTRUCK 

15th, August, Lin Jianxin, Deputy Director of Municipal People's Congress, Appointed Secretary of the Baiji town, Sanshui District, Foshan City with other leaders visit CSCTRUCK for investigation. Mr. Xu, CSCTRUCK general manager, Mr. Wang and Mr. Tian vice general managers give them a warmly reception. The two sides exchanged views and ideas on building a special vehicle production base in Foshan City of South China.

Mr. Xu, CSCTRUCK general manager had introduced the general situation of the company, development history, production capacity and development strategy to Mr. Lin the Appointed Secretary of the Baiji town, Sanshui District, Foshan City and the members of their leading team. And accompanied the government officers on-site visit CSCTRUCK factory special truck production line.

CSCTRUCK will Build Special Vehicle Base in FOSHAN4

Mr. Wang, CSCTRUCK vice general manager gave a detailed description of the company's ongoing automation upgrade and renovation projects, the technical quality upgrading for the company's popular trucks and new truck research and development. And demonstrating introduced CSCTRUCK's "4X" products for performance, research and development planning( 4 means for the leading products include Tanker, Wrecker, Tipper and Sanitation Vehicles, X means for their subdivided model line.)

Mr. Tian, CSCTRUCK vice general manager has given a detailed description of the strategic planning of CRRC Traffic in the special vehicle sector.

Mr. Lin’s team appreciated about CSCTRUCK’s  technical research, development, production/manufacturing capability and achievements and reputation in the special vehicle industry. And said that Foshan Sanshui -China's top 100 industrial counties with its advantages for development location, concentrated supporting industrial chain for special vehicles, also a huge demand in the market. Welcome CRRC Traffic Special Vehicle Business Division investment and settle a base in Sanshui of South China. Rely on Sanshui's superior advantages of geographical and good business environment drive the special vehicle technology and market with international standards.

CSCTRUCK will Build Special Vehicle Base in FOSHAN5

At last, Mr. Xu General Manager welcomes Mr Lin's visit, he said that the special vehicle industry is being arranged out to the south China region. Sanshui town is an ideal place for the project to be located. He is looking forward the more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the near future.