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CSCTRUCK Will Build Special Vehicle Base In Ninghai Zhejiang

CSCTRUCK Will Build Special Vehicle Base In Ninghai Zhejiang

Oct 22, 2019

Mr. Lin Jian Party Chief of Ninghai County Visited CSCTRUCK

Oct.22th 2019, In the morning Mr. Lin Jian (Party Chief of Ninghai County Ningbo) and his 6-leader team visit Hubei ChuSheng Commercial Truck Co.,Ltd (Short as CSCTRUCK) who is the special vehicle business base and a wholly-owned subsidiaries for CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd(short as CRRCSH), with Mr. Gu Yifeng (CRRCSH CEO &Party Secretary) for investigation and survey in base of a cooperation.

Mr. Ding Gang (CSCTRUCK CEO), Mr. Xu Zhenggang (CSCTRUCK GM) and other company leaderships held a warm reception for Mr. Lin’s visit team. And accompanied them with a complete process with a base of factory investigation to know product structure, processing equipment, production and operation, etc.

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Mr. Gu Yifeng (CRRCSH CEO &Party Secretary)introduced the strategic arrangement planning and 2030 vision for the commercial vehicle industry of CRRC Commercial Vehicle to Mr. Lin , especially, the special truck industry. CSCTRUCK will be built as a manufacturing base for the special vehicle industry of CRRC, correspond to the overall strategic layout of the commercial vehicle industry of CRRC, co-investment to set up a new mode of "Innovative Factory 7S Shop" in different regions.

Mr. Gu also pointed out that China special vehicle development market still with a larger space currently, CSCTRUCK now is upgrading its quality control, meanwhile, will gradually introduce foreign top industrial design, build industrial advantage with artificial intelligence, Internet, and big data technology.

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Mr. Lin (Party Chief of Ninghai) introduced that Ninghai County is located in the middle of the coastline of China mainland advantageous with the best location, easy & all-around convenient transportation, advanced communications and beautiful environment. It is one of the first coastal open areas approved by the State Council. Particularly, the complete automotive supporting industry is conducive to the establishment of cooperative projects. Rely on the superior advantage location of the Yangtze River Delta, make the special trucks well, enlarge the special vehicle industry, viewing this segment as "Segment Zero, " Introduced and expanded the CSCTRUK from domestic to the international market.

Mr. Lin also said that Ninghai will be built as intelligent, digital, platformization, integration as the leading direction of development, meet the strategic planning of CRRC. He expressed his high approval for introducing the top foreign industrial design teams into CSCTRUCK, and run of commercial truck shows which mentioned by Chairman Mr. Gu Yifeng(CRRCSH). He hoped that the two sides will keep a further communication and complete the project signing as soon as possible.

At last, Mr. Gu said he hoped that both side will continue to strengthen the link-up task and fast-moving make the project landing in Ninhai ASAP.