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Detailed Characteristics Of Low-profile Semi-trailer

Detailed Characteristics Of Low-profile Semi-trailer

Jul 20, 2019

Low-profile semi-trailers have unparalleled advantages in terms of transportation safety, stability and load capacity. Do you know its characteristics? The following is a detailed description of the characteristics of the low-profile semi-trailer.

First, the flat beam, the concave beam, and the contact structure with the tire are the main structures of the low plate semi-trailer. Liang Duo adopts gooseneck or straight type, which has the characteristics of high strength and toughness.

Secondly, the low-profile semi-trailer main plane has a relatively low shelf, which can ensure the stability and safety during transportation, and is suitable for transporting various large-scale machinery and steel.

Furthermore, the low plate semi-trailer adopts a three-axis balance, a two-axis balance, a rigid suspension, and a mass balance block on the springs of the front and rear steel plates to keep the front and rear axles in balance.

Finally, low-profile semi-trailers are widely used for transportation of large-scale machinery and equipment, transportation of road traffic facilities, and transportation of storage tanks. They are widely used and can be used for transportation of various special items.