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Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks

Dec 27, 2019

In the city we often see some sanitation vehicles, sanitation vehicles are mainly used for urban finishing and cleaning of the special vehicles, they can be said to be the city's road protection guards. Do they take away the city's garbage? Do they keep the road clean? The sanitation truck, like its name, silently contributes its part to the urban environment, which is perhaps their greatest mission. Today's editor will bring you to know these beautification experts.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 1

● Landscape architects, watering truck’s duty

We all use cleansing foam to wash face in order to moisturize the skin, as the same, how to make our city cleaner? –To wash it!

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 2

It’s not a waste of water, it’s environmental protection instead. With it we can transport water, drainage water and support fire protection. So, what’s that? That is water sprinkler.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 3

Sprinkler is a real greener, to sprinkle water for the most noble mission, sprinklers also known as sprinklers, multi-functional sprinklers, landscaping sprinklers, water tankers, water tankers. Sprinklers are suitable for all kinds of road flushing, trees, green belt, lawn greening, roads, factories and mines construction, high-altitude building flushing. With sprinkler, dust, high, low spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail flushing and other functions. 

●Garbage truck is selfless, steadiness is the most important

Garbage trucks take away the smell and dirty for you, urban sanitation can’t be separated from it.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 4

As an important type of sanitation vehicles, the types of garbage trucks are also very various, including compressed garbage trucks, dump-garbage trucks, swinging-arm garbage trucks, self-loading garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, pull-arm garbage trucks. Although many kinds, but the main use is to transport household waste, can also be used to transport ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk building materials, but also in the mine or coal construction to send ore or coal.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 5

Life cannot be separated from garbage trucks, garbage can be produced every day in sanitation, municipal, factory and mining enterprises. You will see the footprint of garbage trucks, they help sanitation workers’ timely disposal of garbage, alleviate the problem of urban garbage, let us live with less environmental pollution.

Vacuum Suction Truck 

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 6

It can’t get too much praise on the road, and nobody want to get close to them, they are lonely. However, the work of pulling manure must be done, bad reputation? No, this is the mission of the sucking truck.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 7

The vacuum Sucking truck is one of the three major sanitation trucks, which does the dirtiest work, and the drivers of the vacuum truck may bear more pressure. However, there are always people to deal with manure, things are small but sacred and worthy of respect.

●  “Sewer cleaning expert”-Vacuum sucking truck

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 8

Vacuum sucking truck plays an important role in sewer, with a vacuum pump, suction force, suction distance, suction sewer mud, silt, stone, brick, etc. are not under the words; the suction truck can be called the sewer cleaning expert, collecting, transiting to clean up the transport sludge, sewage is its mission.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 9

The pollution-absorbing vehicle is a new type of sanitation vehicle to avoid secondary pollution, can self-absorb, work fast, large capacity, convenient transportation, in addition to cleaning the pipe, it also does some part-time work, can be used as sprinklers, water transport and road, emergency can be used for firefighting.

● To make road more cleaner

There is a special type of road cleaning vehicle in the sanitation vehicle, which includes road sweepers, Combined Washing and Sweeping Truck, vacuum trucks and so on. It is these cleaning experts who contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 10

A good assistant for road sweepers and sanitation workers is a new type of high-efficiency cleaning equipment that integrates road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, which not only has the ability to clean garbage, but also cleans the air media on the road.

Different Municipal Sanitation Trucks 11

Waterless Sweeper Truck is a sharp tool to reduce dust pollution, has changed the traditional way of sweeping the sweeper with a brush, while all the use of air flow to complete the work, the use of air flow movement to collect dust and garbage storage, thereby improving air quality.


Sanitation trucks are an important part of the special truck, which plays an important role in our lives, it is because of their existence, we live in a better environment. Editor through the above sanitation truck introduction, I hope you do not forget those unknown sanitation truck drivers, respect them and protect our environment.