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FAW Dealer Tianhui Visited CSCTRUCK

FAW Dealer Tianhui Visited CSCTRUCK

Dec 04, 2019

October 20th , Anhui Tianhui Commercial Auto Motive Eco-Investment Co., Ltd. ("Anhui Tianhui Commercial Vehicle") Chairman Zhu Shugui and a group of seven people visited CSCTRUCK Automobile Co., Ltd. to conduct a cooperative inspection and research, the CSCTRUCK's general manager Mr. Xu, sales vice president Mr. Li and other chief leaders of the company given a warm reception, and accompanied the whole process.

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Anhui Tianhui commercial vehicle is prime dealer for FAW commercial vehicles, FAW Qingdao in Anhui Province. For years Tianhui has been deeply ploughing commercial vehicles and special vehicles market in Anhui, and keep up with the industry future direction in manufacturing industry and domestic or oversea has made remarkable achievements, Mr. Xu General Manager gave high praise and appreciation that Tianhui successfully signed a strategic reorganization agreement with China Motor Transport's Zhongzhen Equipment recently.

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Mr. Xu said that CSCTRUCK, as a holding enterprise of CRCC, carries the important mission of the development of strategic emerging industries of CRCC, and hopes that after Ms. Zhu's visit, the two companies can conduct business-side cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, establish a sustainable, stable, Comprehensive cooperative relations, to achieve seamless connectivity, resource sharing, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and jointly create incremental, strong and excellent commercial vehicle headquarters economic group.

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Mrs. Zhu well enough to understand CSCTRUCK's business situation, product structure and other inspection and understanding, development prospects and cooperation between the two sides are very optimistic, said that FAW chassis business and product announcement, automotive finance and other aspects of friendly cooperation, seek common development, and strive to create a new situation in the special vehicle market.