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Foton Ambulance Vehicle Arrive In Ecuador

Foton Ambulance Vehicle Arrive In Ecuador

Jun 23, 2020

On June, 11, a grand ceremony was held in Guito, the capital city of Ecuador, to mark BAIC & BAIC Foton’s donation of the first unit negative pressure ambulance vehicle to the Ministry of Health in Ecuador. A number of distinguished guests, including Dr. Juan Carlos Zevallos, the minister of the Ministry of Health, and Chen Feng, the economic & business counsellor of Chinese Embassy to Ecuador, attended the ceremony.

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After its arrival in Guito, Foton Toano negative pressure ambulance vehicle will be immediately put into operation for transporting patients in need of emergent medical care.

Measuring 6-meter in length, Foton Toano negative pressure ambulance vehicle is equipped with such advanced medical equipment as ventilators, AEDs and ECG monitors. With superb ventilation and anti-corrosion features, the vehicle has also introduced ultraviolet sanitizing lamps and oxygen supply port.

Due to its sophisticated design, BAIC Foton is capable of manufacturing 150 units negative pressure ambulance vehicles each month.

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With the assistance of its distributor, Foton del Ecuador S.C.C, BAIC Foton has already donated 10,000 masks to Ecuador. As a part of their first donation plan this year, BAIC & BAIC Foton will donate seven units negative pressure ambulance vehicles to four countries.

Officially entering Ecuador in 2010, BAIC Foton boasts a wide spectrum of products in the country, including heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, pickups, VANs, etc. From 2016 to 2019, BAIC Foton’s annual sales volume jumped from 173 units to 877 units, up by 540%. Moreover, it now holds 40% of the country’s van market, ranking the first place for four consecutive years. According to Foton, it will soon launch its Aumarks light trucks and TUNLANDG pickups to Ecuador.