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FOTON Global President Mr. Ma Visited CSCTRUCK Factory

FOTON Global President Mr. Ma Visited CSCTRUCK Factory

Dec 11, 2019

October 23, BAIC FOTON Global President Ma Rentao, Vice President Wu Xiangqiu and other senior leaders and a term of 9 people visited CSCTRUCK factory Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Co.,Ltd.


  • CSCTRUCK Welcome FOTON Global

CSC General Manager Mr. Xu, Vice President of Sales Mr. Li and other company leaders accompanied the visit, this is the first time since the cooperation between the two sides of the high-level leadership meeting. The arrival of FOTON Global's senior management bring a new vitality into strengthening and expanding business cooperation between two companies. As the saying goes: "Business goes on, a long distance come for cooperates."

CSCTRUCK and FOTON meeting

  • CSCTRUCK and FOTON Business Meeting

FOTON Global CEO in meeting

  • FOTON Global CEO Mr. Ma in the meeting

After visiting the factory and workshop, the two sides held a further business meeting in the conference room. At the meeting, the two sides respectively introduced the business development of their enterprises, they have continued to intensify exchanges and communication with relevant subjects in the reform of sub-contract business, chassis sales, overseas markets, exporting products services, cooperated product planning and other aspects reached a consensus. Finally, general manager Mr Xu. said that after the reorganization of CSCTRUCK, the strength of the enterprise has been further enhanced, FOTON has gone through three stages of leaps and bounds, has become a pioneer in the commercial vehicle industry, FOTON Global is a broad market resources, I hope that through this meeting, and then increase cooperation, Jointly promote high-quality development of the overseas special vehicle market.

FOTON Global Term Visit CSCTRUCK Tanker Truck Workshop 1

  • FOTON Global Term Visit CSCTRUCK Tanker Truck Workshop

FOTON Global Term Visit CSCTRUCK Garbage Truck Workshop 1

  • FOTON Global Term Check CSCTRUCK Combined Road Sweeping and Washing Truck

After the meeting, the senior leaders of both sides on behalf of the enterprise for gifts exchange, and take a photo.

CSCTRUCK Gifts to FOTOn Global

  • CSCTRUCK(left) Gift-giving to FOTON Global(right)

FOTON Global Gifts to CSCTRUCK

  • FOTON Global (Right) Presenting Gifts to CSCTRUCK(Left)

Group Photo of FOTON and CSCTRUCK

  • Group Photo for FOTON Global and CSCTRUCK Factory