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Fuel Tanker Truck Explosion In Jiling, Tanker Cannot DIY

Fuel Tanker Truck Explosion In Jiling, Tanker Cannot DIY

Jan 16, 2020

Few days ago, in an industrial park in Jilin Song yuan, welders exploded while welding oil tanks, which caused two deaths and one minor injury. People are sad after informed of this news, besides the deceased mourning to dead people, they also realize the fuel tank and tank welding related precautions.


Smoking is not allowed in Dangerous Truck , let alone welding

As we all know, oil tank truck also called dangerous chemical transport vehicles, our country has strict regulations of the production and transport of such models. Front axle disc brakes, front flame cancellers are fitted in these dangerous tractors. And besides the speed limit 89km /h, the driver cannot smoke or use open fire and so on in the truck.

“Ten Not Burn Rules” are set in welding industry.

1、Welders must be certified on duty, not allowed to weld without special safety testify. 

2、Welding and cutting operations that belong to the range of one, two and three-level fire, work are not allowed without approval procedures for fire.

3、Welders are not allowed to weld or cut without the knowing of the surround situation.

4.、Welders do not know whether the welding parts inside is safe, not welding, cutting.

5、A variety of containers containing flammable gases, flammable liquids and toxic substances. No welding or cutting is allowed until thorough cleaning or risk is eliminated.

6、The use of combustible materials as insulation layer, cooling layer, insulation equipment, or where Mars can splash to the place, before taking effective and reliable safety measures, do not weld, cut. 

7、Pressure or closed pipes, containers, not allowed to weld, cut.

8、Welding, cutting near the site of flammable, explosive items, in the absence of cleaning or effective safety measures, not allowed welding, cutting.

9.、Nearby with open fire work in conflict with the type of work, not allowed welding, cutting.

1、The parts connected to the external unit shall not be welded or cut until there is a risk or no effective measures are taken in the knowledge of the danger.

Jilin Songyuan explosion did not lead to a final finding, but the welders involved may have violated the "ten not burn rules" , without checking the tank for flammable liquid residues and unconfirmed welding, cutting around the presence of flammable, explosive items.

Don’t take a risk, fuel tank can’t weld random like oil tank


At present, most of the domestic light truck has used engineering plastic fuel tank to replace the metal tank, but heavy truck still uses metal fuel tank because of the operating conditions and the use of the scene of more complex. Here also remind you, the fuel tank can’t weld random as well.

If there is a temporary problem with the fuel tank, resulting in the vehicle cannot drive normally, you can use chewing gum, tape and cloth for temporary treatment.

However, it should be noted that whether diesel or gasoline have a certain degree of solubility and corrosion, the above several treatments are temporary stop loss, cannot travel long distance, so go to the regular after-sales service station for repair or replacement once it starts the oil leak.

After this incident, I hope that all of you can remember the safety rules. All in all, life is the most important thing.