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Heavy Duty Dump Truck 20 Tipper Export Uzbekistan

Heavy Duty Dump Truck 20 Tipper Export Uzbekistan

Nov 01, 2019

Recently, a value of about $ 1.34 million of 20 North Benz heavy-duty dump trucks had been passed the inspection by Quarantine Bureau of Suizhou, this is the first time for North Benz dump truck to entrance into Uzbekistan who is the one of five Central Asian countries.

North Benz heavy-duty dump truck also known as Benz dump truck, tipper truck, heavy duty dump tipper, construction dump truck. The North Benz dump truck constructed with North Benz truck chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, power take off unit and dump body compartment components. According to the dump truck chassis carrying capacity it can be divided of North Benz light dump truck series, North Benz medium dump truck and North Benz heavy dump truck series.

The tipper truck which widely used in construction, municipal engineering, road construction, sanitation, mines, lime kilns, stones factory, cement factory, starch factory, brick factory, refractory plants, phosphate fertilizer factory, fertilizer plants, building construction teams, station, coal yard, docks, and other factories or plants for material transportation.

North Benz dump truck equipped with a new model cab V3, Vehicle appearance designed stylish, front styling designing into a brand featured, and internal dashboard using the popular roundabout European-style with beautiful shape. Interior decoration with imported material, no smell Ensure the health of the drivers and passengers. North Benz dump truck structured as metal skeleton + skin structure same with other domestic heavy duty truck. The truck has the same level of security as European truck. Meet European safety regulations ECER29.

In recent years, economic and trade cooperation between China and the five Central Asian countries are becoming increasingly closer. CSCTRUCK Company seizes the opportunity to strengthen the trade work in those countries and regions. The ordered 20units dump truck is a part of the contract, the other parts 30units dump truck will be exported continuous in future.