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How Does Steel Constructed To A Commercial Truck

How Does Steel Constructed To A Commercial Truck

Nov 06, 2019

Truck owners are very familiar with trucks, they spend more time with trucks than their family. However, do you know how was truck born? FAW Qingdao factory hold super factory event this year, many truck owners were invited to visit the factory, it has now been carried out to the fourth phase.

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial Truck

●  1968-2019 The level of Qingqi's car construction is constantly improving

Qingdao Automotive Manufacturing Plant was set in 1968, And  "Qingdao 69" brand car was produced in the second year. The history of not producing cars in Qingdao has been rewritten ever since. With the continuous development of society, Qingqi also continued to progress, from small to large, from weak to strong during the 50 years.

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial 1

Qingqi was completed and put into operation in 2014. The plant covers an area of 1600 acres, with the country's most advanced stamping, welding, coating and assembly workshop. The leading products are the liberation brand light, medium and heavy-duty full series of products and their special vehicles and modified vehicle products. JH6, Hummer V, Dragon V, J6F and other models are produced here.

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial 12

It is known that this factory is now the most advanced commercial vehicle manufacturing base in Asia, automation, intelligence is very high, is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration" commercial vehicle intelligent factory, can be compared to the world's leading level.

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial 13

●  1 song time 1 truck together to enjoy the speed of the Qingqi

Here, it takes only 270 seconds for a truck to go from one component to the complete finished product. In this approximately 1 song time, there are 133 imported ABB robots will fully automate the welding, stud welding and other precision operations; 15000 tons of roller pressure equipment can quickly solve the pressure rebound control difficulties and down-punch vibration problems brought about by the high-strength steel application of the girder;

The automated production line in the assembly plant requires only a small number of workers to achieve perfect docking and the process is very smooth.

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial 14

With this speed, Qingqi factory can now achieve a monthly production of 20,000 units, annual output can be stable at 140,000 units. In just 4 years of production, the cumulative production reached 500,000 units.

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Besides the advanced production technology, Qingqi factory also have strict test on each new truck. For example, there is an online water-soaked detection line for the cab, and all cabs are subject to water-soaked inspection to ensure that there is no sealing issue in the cab delivered to truck owners.

In the previous three sessions of the event, truck owners invited to come to the factory to witness the birth of trucks and learned the high standards and strict requirements of the truck quality of Qingqi. 

How Does Steel Constructed to A Commercial 16