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How To Prevent A Semi-trailer From Bursting?

How To Prevent A Semi-trailer From Bursting?

May 15, 2019

Semi-trailer tires are an important part of semi-trailers. In order to keep the pressure of the tires balanced with the outside world, especially in the season when the tires burst frequently, we must inflate the semi-trailers in time.

Reasonable installation of semi-trailer tires, because the tire explosion of the semi-trailer may also be a puncture caused by the imbalance of the tires caused by improper installation of the tires, so the tires must be driven for a certain period of time while driving the semi-trailer. Correction to avoid this happening.

It is very necessary to maintain the tires regularly. It is necessary to maintain the tires. It is found that there are particles or glass embedded in the tires, and the cleaning is carried out in time. If there is uneven thickness in the tires, repair them in time.

Regular replacement of tires, tires used for more than a certain period of time, we have to replace in time, this is responsible for us, but also a better way to maintain the vehicle.