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Information We Need When You Inquiry Trucks

Information We Need When You Inquiry Trucks

Jun 28, 2020

As a sales of a special-purpose vehicle manufacturer, sometimes they receive inquiries from some automobile trading companies or other international trading companies (that is, exporting business of special-purpose vehicles). It is found that some customers are not very clear about the needs of overseas users or buyers of special vehicles, and it is difficult for the factory to provide an accurate quote for special vehicles. In order to avoid wasting time, after receiving an inquiry from an overseas user (or buyer) of a special purpose vehicle, you need to first understand the following points:

1.     Which country will the special vehicle be used in?

Because there are two kinds of steering wheel positions in the world, the left-hand drive model (LHD in short) and the right-hand drive model (RHD). Some countries use left-hand drive (as like in China), others use right-hand drive. When we special vehicle manufacturer knows in which country the vehicle will be used, we will know which steering position shall be used, or you can tell us directly to the special vehicle manufacturer sales.


2.     What is the emission standards levels of the country where the special vehicle is used?

Different countries have different emission standards. There are five types of Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V and Euro IV (currently used in China, Euro V will also be retired). Overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles should contact the local government and inform us of the requirements of special vehicle manufacturers. Generally speaking, with higher emission standards, the price will be higher also need high quality fuel.


3. The special vehicle will be driven in what kind of road conditions?

Let our special vehicle manufacturer know the road conditions that the truck will use, and we can recommend the right horsepower and tires for you. If under severe road conditions, higher engine power is required. There are usually three types of tires to choose from, nylon tires, radial tires and tubeless tires.


4. What is your favorited or interested truck chassis brand?

As many customer or users are not clear the special vehicle industry, they are supposed that we special vehicle manufacturers could manufacturing the complete truck include the truck chassis. And truck chassis manufacturers could manufacture the complete vehicle include the functional superstructure body. For example, when you are interested to purchase a 15CBM loading capacity tipper truck, if you buy from truck chassis suppliers, they will deliver the truck chassis and suborder the tipper truck to a special vehicle manufacturer, if you buy from a special vehicle manufacturer, they will buy the truck chassis first then mount the tipper body and hydraulic system by themselves.

So that if the overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles have special requirements for the truck chassis brand, you should inform the special vehicle manufacturers your interested chassis brand. Special vehicle manufacturers produce special vehicles of different brands, such as DONGFENG, FOTON, BEIBEN, FAW, SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, JMC, JAC, ISUZU, HINO, CAMC, IVECO, HYUNDAI etc. You can choose products with a good after-sales service brand, if so, please inform the seller.

5. Do overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles have special certification requirements?

Different countries have different requirements. Before overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles buy cars, let them understand this and let us know. At present, the main certifications for special vehicles in the world are GCC, GOST, ECE-emark, ECE, SABS, SONCAP, etc.

6. Some basic functional information about special vehicles.

If a special vehicle user buys a water sprinkler truck, we need to know the general equips configuration of the sprinkler with? Do you need a foot standing platform in the rear? Whether you want the valves be pneumatically controlled?  What type of water pump you are needed, a PTO pump or an ancillary engine driven pump? These can be contacted with our special vehicle manufacturers, and then inquire in detail.

 information we need when you inquiry trucks


Special vehicle quotation is a relatively complicated job, because some configurations can be increased or decreased according to user needs, and different configurations will also affect the price. Therefore, we must first understand the needs of users and the scope of price tolerance before we can recommend and make a quotation for special vehicles that they are covered all the function and road requirements.