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Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction

Jun 18, 2020

The top part of this ISUZU KV100 Kitchen Food Garbage Truck apply with a new design.

▎Let’s have a look

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction2

The overall style and structure are very different from regular kitchen garbage trucks. The most obvious difference is the box body of the traditional van kitchen garbage truck is a rectangular parallelepiped.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction3

The front part of the box of this ISUZU Kitchen Garbage Truck is semi-circular. Later we will introduce the role and advantages of this semi-circular arc.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction5

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction4

ISUZU KV100 Kitchen Food Kitchen Garbage Truck has a round and beautiful appearance, and its spraying style is more distinctive. The top of the rear compartment is equipped with a profile light, which has a thick structure and an attractive appearance.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction6

Different from the traditional way of pushing and unloading the built-in hydraulic kitchen shovel in the kitchen garbage truck, this ISUZU KV100 kitchen garbage truck is equipped with a front oil cylinder at the front of the truck, and the single-top self-unloading is similar to the common Dumping structure of heavy dump truck.

The structural stability of the front roof is better than that of the middle roof, and the lifting tonnage of the large-bore front roof is also larger. This is also its first prominent feature: the front jack lifts and unloads without garbage residue.

▎Next, let's have a look at the scraper position of this characteristic front lift scraper type kitchen garbage collection truck

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction7

Scraper position triangle + arc design. The triangle area is the installation position of the scraper oil cylinder. The oil cylinder is wrapped by the cover plate, which increases the aesthetics and avoids the contamination of the oil cylinder by the dirt in the process of collecting kitchen waste.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction9

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction8

But from the inside of the scraper, I can't see the cylinder. This is the second main feature of this meal kitchen garbage truck: Scraper oil cylinder is built-in, to avoid being eroded and damaged by kitchen waste oil.

Because the scraper cylinder is an important work function component, the pusher shovel cylinder of the traditional van kitchen garbage truck is immersed in oil for a long time during work, and the life is greatly shortened. Once damaged, it is very inconvenient to repair.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction10

The traditional kitchen garbage truck has a built-in bulldozer similar to that of a compressed garbage truck. In order to set aside the position for installing multi-section cylinders, the dozer blade is generally made as a slope.

On the one hand, the pusher shovel oil cylinder will be soaked with oil when it is filled with kitchen waste. On the other hand, the pusher shovel occupies part of the volume of the box, which causes the actual loading volume of the box to become smaller.

And this newly designed scraper structure solves these two problemsThe external cylinder is not damaged, the working stability and life are improved, and the effective loading volume of the box is also improved.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction11

An observation window is provided on the front of the box, which can intuitively see the liquid level in the box from the outside of the truck, and can also be equipped with a liquid level alarm device according to the need. The photoelectric or buzzer alarm reminds the box to be full.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction12

Equipped with national standard garbage bin feeding device, the hanging bucket elevator adopts chain structure, adapts to 120L and 240L garbage bins, and seamlessly connects to the classified collection garbage bins at the source, realizing the entire closed and environmental protection of garbage storage, collection and transfer.

The hoist has been specially optimized for heavier kitchen waste: the trash bin bracket adds rollers, and rolling friction is used instead of sliding friction to reduce the damage of the trash to the trash bin when the trash bin is fully loaded.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction13

The top cover of the hoist is hydraulically sealed to ensure that the box is sealed without leakage during the transfer process. The cover is set to be linked with the hoist. When the hoist is raised, the cover is automatically opened, and when the dump is completed, the cover is automatically sealed tightly.

This truck is with yellow card, the total mass is 8.28T, the effective volume of the box is about 5 cubic meters, and the rated load mass is about 3.2 tons.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction14

The rear door of the box is very thick, using hydraulic cylinders with fixed locking hooks, double locking.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction15

There is a double-layer labyrinth seal rubber between the rear door and the box body. Under the tension of the hydraulic cylinder and the double locking of the fixed lock hook, the back door and the box body are closely combined to completely solve the leakage problem of the rear door and avoid food and kitchen waste Leakage during the transfer process forms secondary pollution. All cylinders are externally installed to avoid garbage corrosion and long service life.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction17

The vehicle is equipped with a tool box, which is convenient for loading some tools, gloves, clothes, etc. required during the transportation. The hydraulic oil tank is set next to the tool box, with oil return filter and oil volume and temperature display.

The oil return filter is very important for the garbage truck. It can filter impurities in the hydraulic system to avoid damage to the multi-way valve and the oil pump. Convenient observation of oil temperature and oil quantity display to avoid various failures caused by excessive temperature or insufficient hydraulic oil.

All details are designed to maximize user convenience, improve the stability and service life of the equipment, and prevent failures caused by carelessness.

Kitchen Waste Collection Truck Instruction16 

The truck can be equipped with a high-pressure water pump, a water tank and a water gun according to needs, which is convenient for flushing the self-cleaning body in time after the operation. It can also be equipped with electronic control and wireless remote control operation according to needs. It can also be equipped with garbage measurement and weighing system, GPS positioning management system, etc., in conjunction with the data collection and management of restaurant and kitchen garbage collection and transportation, to avoid the return of drain oil to the maximum.


For a better environment and clear water and blue sky, exhaust emission standards are being upgraded, and waste sorting and treatment are gradually being promoted. Garbage reduction is imminent, and garbage truck manufacturers are constantly innovating, innovating and designing various new models to meet policy changes and social needs.

Each environmental participant should also take the initiative to reduce waste emissions and actively cooperate with waste sorting and transportation in order to avoid garbage siege, and to make the environment better and develop more sustainable. Participants in garbage collection and processing should also plan ahead, plan ahead, update equipment, seize opportunities, and better serve the garbage collection and transportation business.