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Knuckle Boom Aerial Platform Truck To Malta

Knuckle Boom Aerial Platform Truck To Malta

Nov 01, 2019

Recently, CSCTRUCK Company 21 m knuckle boom aerial platform trucks which export to Malta have been ready to delivery. 

21 m is the largest height for the folding arm aerial platform series which industry had been researched out. Of the highest-tech product, the boom is hexagonal and arms tapered hexagonal cross-section. The application of this technology not only improves the distribution of the force, increases the rigidity of the arm body, increased weight lifting but also reduces the boom self weight. So that truck performance and appearance has been greatly improved.

The main control components are selected international brands with high reliability. Operating device using advanced electro-hydraulic proportional control, stepless speed regulation system, maximum lifting 5tons ,max lifting height 13.2m , bucket loading capacity with 320kg which is the best loading capacity in China, available for 3 persons working same time in the bucket.

After years of product technology to produce precipitation, knuckle boom aerial platform trucks had been formed series products from 12-21 m. In terms of product structure or chassis types, has to meet the needs of the domestic and oversea market. Knuckle Currently, CSCTRUCK boom aerial platform truck is steady growth in the domestic share, but there has been no breakthrough in the foreign market. So the company will cooperate closely with import and Export Company as an opportunity, intensify efforts to open up foreign markets, entire series of products to stimulate exports. Actively participate in international competition. English products instructions, spare part list and operation manual for the export products had been be equipped, also prepare the vehicle nameplates in English; through various collaborative efforts have been completed.

Till now more projects for exporting aerial platform trucks have approached positively. Aerial platform truck exporting business growth will become a new bright spot for CSCTRUCK and will create more economic benefits for users and manufacturers.