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Low-profile Semi-trailer Troubleshooting Method

Low-profile Semi-trailer Troubleshooting Method

Aug 19, 2019

If driving a low-profile semi-trailer is in a remote place, it will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles. Therefore, it is good to know the troubleshooting method of the low-profile semi-trailer for driving a semi-trailer. Let's take a look at it together!

If the low-profile semi-trailer lacks the formulation liquid, it can be replaced with white wine or alcohol during the inspection. If there is none, try to replace it with clean water, but this method is generally used when there is no way to do it.

If the clutch burns out while driving, first observe whether the damage is serious. If the burn is lighter and closer to the destination, you can turn the clutch over and use it in a short time. If it is serious, you can wrap it up with a cloth and fix it with something, but keep it smooth while driving, shift gears quickly, and minimize the impact on the clutch during driving.

If there is a problem with the pipe of the low-profile semi-trailer, you can block the pipe with copper, and tighten the screw so that it can not play its due role. However, be aware that this will result in a one-sided brake and be careful to drive.

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