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Method For Avoiding Low-panel Semi-trailer Rear-end Collision

Method For Avoiding Low-panel Semi-trailer Rear-end Collision

Aug 13, 2019

The low-profile semi-trailer is a type of semi-trailer. In recent years, its usage has gradually increased, but it is easy to catch a tail when driving a low-profile semi-trailer if you pay attention to the correct operation method. Next, I will tell you about ways to prevent rear-end collisions in low-profile semi-trailers.

First, develop good driving habits. Do not brake suddenly and quickly start when you are in traffic jams or at intersections. Do not suddenly change lanes when driving speed is fast, so as not to catch up with others.

Second, regular inspection and maintenance of the brake taillights, usually one week inspection. The taillights can warn the rear car. If the taillights are not bright, the rear car is not easy to judge at what speed you are driving. This will increase the probability of rear-end collision, especially if you are driving at high speed, before each departure. Check that the brake tail lights are normal to avoid traffic accidents.

Third, staggered the line of sight method. In the driving, in order to be able to observe the dynamics of the wall car well, you should make your car and the left and right cars staggered by a suitable distance, so that you can see the front car, the rear car can see you, you can Greatly reduce the incidence of rear-end collisions.

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