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Multi Side Water Bowser Truck

Multi Side Water Bowser Truck

Jan 16, 2020

Water Bowser Truck are much more seen, but 360-degree all-round sprinklers are probably rare. Recently appeared in Chengdu Shuangliu County, this "three-dimensional sprinkler" will refresh the dust ingress, all-round dead-end sprinkler function let the public eye-opener.

Water Bowser Truck 1

Water Bowser Truck 3

In the dust-contaminated area to break through 30 meters of the area, after less than half an hour driving spraying, the air quality index from mild pollution to good ... This magical effect, thanks to the "Made in Chengdu" multi-functional dust truck.

Water Bowser Truck 2

Water Bowser Truck 4

This multi-functional Water Bowser Truck from a truck company in the region, "this is a national first new product," the person in charge informed that the multi-functional dust truck was born less than a year, its heart is very strong - the truck has a full-computer integrated control of the touch screen, click the interface can control the sprinkler lift up about 10 meters. After the sprinkler "command" is activated, the high-efficiency moisturizer in the trunk is mixed with the water mixture solution, which is actively transmitted upward by the water pipe wrapped around the bracket, and then sprayed out by 26 nozzles.

Water Bowser Truck 5

Water Bowser Truck 10

Water Bowser Truck 6

Water Bowser Truck 9

"Add body, bracket, and spray height, a total of more than 30 meters high. The driver who operated the truck told reporters, "We put water and high-efficiency moisturizers through the atomization system special pressure treatment, it becomes a super-micro-water mist, these water mist is only 50 microns in size, than hair silk is fine." The driver said the tiny water mist sprayed into the air, dust, PM2.5 particles and other moisture-bound, with the fog clean down, slowly sinking to the ground. So, this sprinkler has the power of clearing the haze.

Water Bowser Truck 8

Water Bowser Truck 7