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Municipal Leader To CSCTRUCK Survey & Research

Municipal Leader To CSCTRUCK Survey & Research

Jul 24, 2020

On the morning of July 24th, Xia Weidong, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, led the main leaders of the Municipal People's Congress to investigate our company's "Special Rescue Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrialization Project". Deputy Mayor Wu Chaoming and High-tech Zone Management Committee Director Zhou Yalin accompanied the investigation and introduced the relevant situation.

 Smart Rescue Equipment Manufacturing Industrialization Project 1

Xia Weidong and his party, accompanied by Chairman Ding Gang and General Manager Wang Xiaokang of CSCTRUCK, visited high-end manufacturing equipment such as tank truck production line, dump truck automated welding production line, and material preparation center automated production line. During the inspection process, Chairman Ding Gang introduced CSCTRUCK's development history, corporate culture, "4+X" product strategy and "super factory" construction plan to the leaders in detail.

 Smart Rescue Equipment Manufacturing Industrialization Project 2

In the material preparation center, general manager Wang Xiaokang introduced the basic situation of the emergency rescue assembly intelligent manufacturing industrialization project in detail to the leaders. Since last year, the company has invested nearly 90 million CNY in the purchase of premium cutting equipment, intelligent uncoiling lines, welding robots, expansion of workshops, etc. , Through intelligent transformation, the production capacity of emergency rescue equipment has been increased by 20%, and product quality has been reliably guaranteed.

Smart Rescue Equipment Manufacturing Industrialization Project 3

Xia Weidong and his entourage spoke highly of CSCTRUCK’s development strategy, product planning, and achievements at the current stage. At the same time, it requested that the technological transformation project be accelerated under the premise of ensuring quality and safety. It is hoped that CRRC will increase investment in CSCTRUCK. To become a world-class special-purpose vehicle enterprise, and to drive the transformation and upgrading of the integrated Suizhou special-purpose vehicle industry.