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Municipal Sanitation Vehicles Demonstration Base Will Built in Shanghai by CRRC

Municipal Sanitation Vehicles Demonstration Base Will Built in Shanghai by CRRC

May 28, 2020

Municipal sanitation vehicles demonstration base will be built in Fengxian district ,Shanghai by CRRC Urban Traffic Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CRRCSH") .The Ceremony was held in Fengxian, Shanghai on May 28. Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager Zou Jiansheng of CRRCSH Party Committee attended the ceremony.

Municipal Sanitation Vehicles 1 

Zou Jiansheng, deputy secretary and deputy general manager of CRRCSH Party Committee, and Luo Yong, member of the party committee and deputy mayor of Nanqiao Town in the Opening ceremony


The environmental sanitation work of Fengxian District has always been ahead in Shanghai, and it has played an exemplary role. CRRCSH and Fengxian District also have a long-standing and profound partnership. With the implementation of the “CRRCSH and Sanitation Service Demonstration Base” in Fengxian, it will be more conducive to expanding the scope of cooperation between the two sides and deepening the content of cooperation, providing a strong guarantee for Fengxian District to “create a new green and low-carbon ecological urban environment”.


Special-purpose vehicles are one of the important business segments of CRRCSH. The major Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer CSCTRUCK is a national key special-purpose automobile manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development capabilities. With the rapid development of cities and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for a beautiful ecological environment, CSCTRUCK has set up a sanitation vehicle business division, dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of sanitation vehicles. The company can produce automatic rear loader garbage trucks, self-loader garbage trucks, Hook Loader Garbage Truck, Skip Loader Garbage Truck, and Kitchen Waste Collection Truck, Water Jetting and cleaning vehicles, road Sweeping and Cleaning vehicles, dust suppression vehicles and other products, among which garbage compression vehicles for 8 years in a row, it has ranked in Top 10 list in China Market.


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Zou Xinguo, Chairman Assistant of Zhuoyue Automobile Co., Ltd. (CSCTRUCK’s holding company), and Shen Tianming, general manager of Qunxin Municipal Government, hand over vehicles.


At this Opening ceremony, CSCTRUCK, a subsidiary of CRRCSH, provided a rear loading garbage truck for Fengxian's environmental protection and ecological comprehensive experience area. The offered garbage truck with rear compacting and Bi - directional compression technology, strong loading capacity. It is mainly used to collect, compacting, and transport garbage bins, bags, and bulk garbage in urban residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, government institutions, schools, and narrow streets in the Old Town, Old Quarter.


"Transportation creates value and technology changes the world." Relying on the strong brand strength of CRRC and the excellent resource integration ability of CRRCSH, it will surely contribute to the improvement of Feng Xian’s beautiful environment and the construction of a good ecology.