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New Developed Sprinkler Truck Based On CHENGLONG M3

New Developed Sprinkler Truck Based On CHENGLONG M3

Nov 14, 2019

For urban development and construction, besides dump trucks, mixers, sanitation truck is also very important. For example, sprinklers, dust fighter and street sweeping and washing truck have all played an important role in it. fog gun carts, wash cars, such professional operating vehicles have played a great role in helping. In order to better undertake this market environment, Dongfeng Liuqi launched CHENGLONG M3 Sprinklers.

● Flat-top cab with front tap water valve

Developed Sprinkler Truck 1

The sprinkler truck uses the CHENGLONG M3 as the chassis, from the appearance, although it is a medium truck, it still has the features of the H-Series, white matches well with green, which is also in line with the concept of green environmental protection.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 2

Due to the simple working environment and for good possibility, the truck uses a flat-top cab. There is a water valve in front of the truck, although it’s a prominent part, the overall visual experience is unique.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 3

Family-style crystal headlights are adopted in lights, which can add grades for this truck; Because of its compact design, the proportion of fog lamp looks very small, different people have different opinions on this design.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 4

Although it is a medium truck chassis, its cab is also relatively high, so there are two layers of pedals on both sides of the cab to make it convenient for driver to get on and off.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 5

The body uses a 10.4 cubic meter tank, and the rear of the vehicle has a platform and high-pressure water gun, its maximum range can reach 29 meters, for street green irrigation is still handy.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 6

There is a diffusion water valve in the back of the anti-collision beam, the maximum cleaning width is 24 meters. Maybe some of you have done such a thing-doing free truck washing followed by the sprinklers, but it’s dangerous to do this.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 7

Although it is a flat-top cab, the interior space is very considerable and the light is very nice; the driver's seat adopts a standard four-frame steering wheel, considering practicality and economy, the multi-function buttons are not fitted.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 8

The instrument uses a traditional pointer style, the left for the speedometer, the right for the tachometer, and around the chrome design, the central part also has an electronic display, which not only retain the traditional pointer, but also add a modern feel.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 9

The power extractor, DPF regeneration, driving mode switch are set up on the lower right side of the steering wheel, and its angle is facing the driving position, so it is very convenient to operate, and conducive to drive safety.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 10

The central control area is equipped with MP3, air conditioning knobs, and storage tanks, Overall, it’s practical without redundant electronic components.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 11

Because it is a single and half cab, there is a sleeper behind the seat. Although its size is not particularly large, is big enough for the driver to take a nap after lunch, since rest is important to the driver. 

Decoration: the truck's appearance is very young, stylish, more in line with the current popular aesthetic, interior layout is simple but practical, as a special truck, the appearance of the interior is wonderful.

● DONGFENG CUMMINS Euro6, help the blue sky construction

Developed Sprinkler Truck 12

The truck is powered by the Dongfeng Cummins D6.7NS6B230, Euro6 Engine with a maximum output of 230 horsepower, which is an easy ride for the truck.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 13

Matched with 6 gear-box transmission, the designing of less gear numbers transmission is favorable for drivers.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 14

In order to ensure good carrying capacity, the rear axle is supported by 21 plate reeds, and its speed ratio is 5.571.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 15

Tires use Linglong brand 10.00R20 size wire tires, which can help to improve the loading capacity of the vehicle.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 16

Post-treatment systems and gas storage tanks on the right side of frame

Developed Sprinkler Truck 17

AdBlue Tank

Developed Sprinkler Truck 18



From tank, battery, adblue tank and drying tank, we can see it’s An Euro6, For such a model that needs to work in the city for a long time, the country's Euro 6 emissions are undoubtedly the best choice.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 19

air filter and tank on the left side of frame

Developed Sprinkler Truck 20

Primary Fuel Filter

Developed Sprinkler Truck 21

Valves Switches

Air filter, fuel tank, primary fuel filter and the valves switches are set up on the left side of the frame. Because its transport miles are not very long, and different from the trucks we usually see, so a small tank is completely sufficient.

Developed Sprinkler Truck 22

Developed Sprinkler Truck 23

The waterway layout of the Chassis

Because the cab is equipped with a tap, the need for pipeline connections, so the waterway can be seen in all directions of the chassis, it’s design can ensure not only the vehicle is normal driving, but the waterway can also function normally.

Chassis Review: The Euro6 Emission is bound to be one of its bright spots, not to mention a vehicle that requires long hours of operation in the city;

Developed Sprinkler Truck 24

In recent years, the special vehicle market began to be valued, whether garbage trucks, mixers, sanitation vehicles and other models, and the sales of them have an overall upward trend. Especially such as sprinklers, sanitation vehicles and other municipal models, sales in the next few years will still maintain a high proportion of growth. In the end, with the arrival of the new M3 sprinklers, we can know that CHENGLONG truck has made great preparation for the Special Truck Marketing.