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New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck

Oct 22, 2019

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 1

At present, urban household waste handling is faced with problems that waste scattered in different points, limited in quantity, difficult in collection , So that the cleanliness of urban sanitation cannot be guaranteed. Obviously, the situation now is improving, accords with the gradual progress of garbage classification works and urban sanitation equipment is also being upgraded and updated, Professional garbage trucks specializing in dealing with various types of waste are also come out fast.

On October 16, 2019, the 4th China Commercial Vehicle Expo opened in Chongqing. In addition to the prospect and discussion of many new logistics modes, numerous of new model road transport vehicles product are released. Among them, CSCTRUCK and CRCC show its new design of the removable garbage truck based on the heavy vehicle HOWO T5G 8X4 chassis at the exhibition.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 2

Chongqing as one of the 46 key cities for the first test of garbage classification, the pilot scope of household waste classification is expanding in continuous derivatives. Naturally, the upgrading of urban sanitation vehicles is also in sync. CSCTRUCK exhibited a new removable garbage truck based on the heavy-duty HOWO T5G 8X4 chassis.

Generally, municipal refuse trucks are operated in a short working radius, time and routing are all fixed. Therefore, this truck selected a half-cab, more suitable for the modification of refuse vehicles of various monitoring and operating equipment. Relatively, for drivers, the flat floor design is more operator-friendly in terms of overall space.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 3

Due to the on-site vehicle being locked, we were unable to enter the cab to take photo. however, it is easy to find that there is an image monitoring system designed in the central control area of the cab view from the outside window. In this way, it can solve the problem that city refuse vehicle operation cannot observe the rear and side of the field of blind spots.

Cab-in video device for operational supervisors to monitor the status of garbage loading and unloading operations, relatively designed with much higher automation.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 4

In terms of power systems, this heavy refuse vehicle is equipped with a SINOTRUK MC07.34-60 euro 6, diesel engine, with 7L displacement, max output power 248kw/340hp, output torque 1250N.m. As an urban refuse vehicle, there is no doubt that emissions must meet national emission standards class 6, this truck is no exception.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 5

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 6


For an urban sanitation vehicle, 8x4 truck chassis, SINOTRUK MCY11 axle, 340hp engine, and 10 speed manual speed transmission, this configuration is undoubtedly quite strong. Powerful output and load capacity are typical features of this truck. Of course, the biggest highlight of this truck should be its new removable body superstructure.

This urban removable closed garbage truck is used in conjunction with a compressed garbage transport truck. More automated operation and higher operating efficiency can be achieved when the truck is docked to the station's compression box. More automated operations and higher operational efficiency can be achieved.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 7

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 8


Let's take a look at the structure , surely is interesting that, how exactly is the loading and unloading operation? Let's take a look at this picture of the tail of the chassis. You can tell from two red marked part in the picture, the truck's upper body can be lifted like a traditional dump truck, can also move the container body via the rails, dumping of the waste by hydraulic switch control at the tailgate.

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 9

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 10

Also, we could see from the external connection, and guess that this truck container can be unloaded directly onto the ground, after reloads the garbage in the garbage transfer center, and then transported by truck to other waste disposal centers, Centralized processing. 

New Model Swapbody Refuse Truck 11

Of course, this kind of urban garbage transfer truck with obvious benefits, compared to the traditional garbage truck, that the vehicle is more automated and loading and transporting the sealed waste more effectively, it prevent the waste pollution to people and the environment, improving the vehicle's loading efficiency. Clear advantages in safety, energy saving, environmental protection and efficiency.

With the continuous development of waste classification in the country, urban sanitation transport equipment is constantly updated simultaneously. Although the mode of delivery, operation and purpose is different, but the intelligent, automated and efficient feature of the equipment is the development trend of the whole industry. I believe that more new equipment will appear in our lives in the future.