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Our Friend, Our Jiefang Faw Tipper Truck

Our Friend, Our Jiefang Faw Tipper Truck

Nov 08, 2020

Nanjing Rong Jinyao: Our friend, our "Jiefang Faw Legion"


The sycamore trees can be seen everywhere in the ancient capital of Nanjing. In contrast to this, the all-in-one Jiefang J6P 8X4 green environmental protection dump truck-undoubtedly became Nanjing Rongjinyao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Rongjinyao"). Beautiful business card for business image.

"To run engineering transportation, the car must be reliable." Nanjing Rong Jinyao's chairman Su Yaorong has been immersed in engineering transportation for many years. In the early years, he used other brand muck trucks, constrained by factors such as frequent breakdowns and high fuel consumption. I had to stop using it and turned to Jiefang. "The deepest impression left by the Jiefang Dump Truck is the high attendance rate, the extremely low failure rate, the economy and fuel efficiency, and the high-quality after-sales service."


More than ten years of Application, the "Jiefang Faw Legion " is indispensable


As far as the market is concerned, what the big wave of Taosha leaves behind is not gold and silver cups, but user reputation. "The company began trialing the Jiefang Dump Truck in 2009. During this period, we tracked and analyzed a number of indicators of the fleet operation and found that the Jiefang Duck Truck performed the best in the fleet." For several years in the engineering transportation industry, Su Yaorong With rich experience in the industry and in-depth understanding of domestic mainstream brand muck trucks, the trust in Jiefang is increasing day by day.

Su Yaorong, Chairman of Nanjing Rongjinyao

Su Yaorong, Chairman of Nanjing Rongjinyao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Beginning in 2009, Nanjing Rong Jinyao began to phase out models of other brands except Jiefang, and replaced all updated and newly purchased vehicles with Jiefang, gradually realizing the unification of the fleet brand models.


"The reason why the company has been able to operate for so many years is supported by profit. In terms of car use, we value practicability and economy. The company started with the purchase of the first Jiefang Dump Truck. Over the past ten years, it has accumulated More than 100 muck trucks have been replaced with an average of five or six years. The 46 muck trucks currently in service in the fleet are all J6P 8×4 green and environmentally friendly slag trucks, which can be called the “Liberation Army”. Made an indispensable contribution."


Behind the exchange of green and environmentally friendly muck trucks, there are also new industry regulations. Su Yaorong felt the same way. The country advocates the concept of green environmental protection. All provinces and cities have issued relevant policies and regulations, and vehicles that do not comply with the regulations cannot be registered. For example, on February 1, 2018, Shenzhen’s implementation of the "Technical Specifications for Fully Enclosed Intelligent Heavy Duty Dump Trucks" had a greater impact in the industry. Turning to Jiangsu, especially the Nanjing muck truck market, the new industry regulations are more powerful than ever.


"The company's current muck trucks are almost all models of the National V version, which meet the green environmental protection concept advocated by the government." Su Yaorong said that the company's main business is centered in Nanjing and carries out related engineering transportation tasks in the city and surrounding areas. , The unilateral transportation distance ranges from ten to tens of kilometers, and each vehicle has to run 3 to 6 times a day. A batch of J6P 8X4 environmentally friendly tipper trucks that were licensed in February 2019 have run more than 70,000 kilometers.

FAW Jiefang J6P Environmental Friendly Tipper Truck 

FAW Jiefang J6P Environmental Friendly Tipper Truck


The engineering work environment is harsh, the road conditions are intricate, and the extreme weather during the cold and hot periods has high requirements for vehicle performance. "The company has used the Jiefang Slag Truck for more than ten years. The biggest feeling is that the Jiefang Slag Truck has reliable performance, high efficiency and safety, sufficient power, and fast timeliness. The monthly attendance rate can reach almost 95% to 100%. The fleet operation efficiency is stable With Zhongyousheng, the company's trust in the Jiefang Dump Truck is increasing."


Hard quality, low fuel consumption, excellent service, trustworthy


   Only with high quality can it be favored by users. Quality is closely related to product configuration. Su Yaorong took the 350-horsepower J6P 8X4 green environmentally friendly muck truck as an example. The car is equipped with Xichai CA6DL3 series diesel engine, which integrates in-line six-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged intercooling, high-pressure common rail and other technologies. It is 8.6 liters and meets the national five emission standards. The peak torque reaches 1650N·m, the maximum torque speed is 1200-1500rpm, and the maximum output power is 261kW.


"The power and economy of Xichai engines are outstanding among similar products. The vehicle has ample power, good starting and speed-up responsiveness, easy climbing, full fuel combustion effect, relatively low fuel consumption, and heavy weight. The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about two dozen fuels in a load or standard driving state."


   Su Yaorong introduced that the 12-speed manual gearbox of FAW Jiefang, which matches the engine, has no frustration and comfortable operation. Coupled with the 18-ton rear axle dedicated to FAW Jiefang, the vehicle performs well in terms of driving force and carrying capacity.

 FAW Jiefang J6P Environmental Friendly Dump Truck

FAW Jiefang J6P Environmental Friendly Dump Truck


A good car is hard to find, and a good driver is equally hard to find. "The drivers of the muck trucks engaged in transportation in Nanjing city must have a qualification certificate. Now the cost of hiring drivers is relatively high. The average monthly salary of our fleet drivers is about 9,000 yuan. Now the age of the drivers is getting younger, and the cars are relatively young. Picky, but for the liberation muck truck, our team drivers are rushing to drive. In the actual operation process, the front hydraulic oil top adopts a lower center of gravity design, which is safer during the lifting process, and there is no need to install a secondary beam. It can achieve effective support and make the operation more comfortable."


Su Rongrong believes that the Jiefang J6P green and environmentally friendly muck vehicle has a higher driving comfort. Compared with similar models, it has a spacious driving space and comfortable main and passenger seats, especially the main driving airbag seat with one-button charging and discharging and damping adjustment. Features such as height adjustment, four-spoke multi-function steering wheel design is simple, electric windows + mechanical instrument panel + LCD screen is convenient and practical, the wrap-around center console has a simple and compact layout, and the parking brake handle has four-corner warning lights on the side , Differential lock, fuel-saving switch and other key operations. In addition, there are many storage compartments in the cab, which is convenient for the driver to put his personal belongings. The large diamond handle is convenient for the driver to get on and off the vehicle.


Buying a car is just the beginning, after-sales is the end. Jiefang's after-sales service also made Su Guangrong very satisfied. “The service station is only a dozen kilometers away from the company, and the repair rate of vehicles is usually very low. After telephone communication with problems, the service station staff will come to solve the problem, service attitude, technical level, etc. It's all good."

Rongjinyao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

"The quality is hard, the power is sufficient, the fuel consumption is low, the comfort is high, and the service is excellent. How can such a Jiefang Dump Truck be untrustworthy? Because the company uses a lot of Jiefang Dump Trucks, it has attracted the attention of many peers and individual users. Good car It should be enjoyed by everyone. Under my recommendation, many of them have started to use the Jiefangjun Ten Car."


   Su Yaorong estimated, "In the past few years, under my recommendation, I have recommended a total of more than 160 Jiefang Dump Trucks to be purchased by colleagues and individual users."


From the initial “testing the waters” of liberation to the now-all “Liberation Army”, Su Yaorong knows that the economic value created by the liberation of green and environmentally friendly muck trucks is the driving force that supports the continuous improvement of the company’s business. The bit by bit is no longer simply a relationship between customers and manufacturers, but has been sublimated to a friend-like relationship. We recognize all aspects of liberation, and it is trustworthy and owned. We believe that in the liberation of muck With the help of the company, the company will develop better in the future."