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Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production

Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production

Mar 13, 2020

On March 11, CSCTRUCK obtain approval to recovery trucks production by Suizhou Epidemic Prevention Headquarters. On March 12, the first batch of employees returned one after another. The resumption of work resumes at 30% on 20th, and it can be fully recovered gradually in early April.

Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production 1

Dumping workshop to resume production

Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production 2

At present, the first batch of returning employees have been back to the work in an orderly manner under the unified coordination and command of the company, and various business segments have begun to work according to the process. While resuming work and production, the company strictly follows the requirements of the Suizhou High-tech Zone Epidemic Prevention Headquarters to check the health status of returning employees, sign health commitments with the employees who have confirmed returning to work, and implement closed management after employees enter the factory. One person separated into one room. Comprehensive elimination of production workshops, office spaces, canteens and collective dormitories, and training of employees on epidemic prevention before taking up their posts, laying the foundation and protection for epidemic prevention and control.

Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production 3

Employees get into the integrated machine inspection and disinfection

In order to achieve the early resumption of work and production, the company ’s Epidemic Prevention Emergency Management Leading Group, established on January 26 by CSCTRUCK, actively deployed prevention and control work. Early introduction of relevant prevention and control measures, the leadership team released the epidemic information in a timely manner, urged all departments to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, daily reporting of employee mobility and health status, procurement of epidemic prevention materials, and progress in epidemic prevention knowledge preparation for resumption of production jobs.

In addition, CSCTRUCK has established a strong and meticulous epidemic prevention line, established an epidemic prevention and control office, and made careful arrangements for all aspects of prevention and control and production and operation. For example, in terms of logistical support, from boarding a commuter car to entering the factory area, from dining to the office area, to the production area; the process personnel arrangement considers both epidemic prevention and control and the rush of orders. Provide a safe working environment for employees.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, CSCTRUCK used network training, posted epidemic prevention knowledge in factories and living areas, etc. to popularize epidemic prevention knowledge to employees. At the same time, in response to possible emergencies, CSCTRUCK formulated the Control emergency plan "to ensure the healthy and orderly return to work of employees.

Strictly Prevent Coronavirus Orderly Recovery Production 4

Canteen is being disinfected

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. In the next stage, under the guidance of Suizhou Epidemic Prevention Headquarters and under the leadership of CRRC Transportation Headquarters, the company will always adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention. Fighting with economic development as a whole and making due contributions to Suizhou's economic construction.