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Production For 100 Units Aluminum Tank Truck To Mexico

Production For 100 Units Aluminum Tank Truck To Mexico

Apr 16, 2020

Suizhou Daily News. The machine sound roaring, Solder Splash. On April 2nd, CSCTRUCK tank truck production workshop was in worked booming, and the workers were working hard to produce a batch of Mexican water truck orders.

"Affected by the epidemic, this batch of export orders has been compressed from the initial 300 units to the current 100 units. We must go all out to deliver these shipments on time and quality, and minimize the losses caused by the epidemic." On March 16th, more than 830 employees of the company have all resumed work and pressed the "fast forward button" to resume production. The company always regards epidemic prevention and control as the top priority, strictly implements various requirements, and comprehensively promotes epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and production.

In the tank truck production workshop, each aluminum alloy tank body has been welded, these are new orders received after resumption in March. Hazardous chemicals tank trucks, sanitation trucks, wreckers, dump trucks and other models are CSCTRUCK's leading products in Hubei, and the sales of multiple product types are firmly in the forefront of the country. Wang Xiaokang, general manager of CSCTRUCK, said, affected by the epidemic, most of the more than 2,000 orders booked by domestic and foreign customers were lost. After recovery production, the company overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic and quickly determined a target of 10% growth from last year. It aimed at the production of 15,000 units and a production value of 1.5 billion yuan throughout the year, and decomposed the target tasks into each day of the month To implement a daily report system for orders, make joint efforts in sales and production, and go all out to ensure the goal of expanding production capacity.

In the centralized cutting workshop, we saw that a batch of new equipment such as laser cutting machine, bending machine and shearing machine greatly liberated manpower and improved production efficiency. Wang Xiaokang said that last year the company invested 100 million CNY to upgrade the production process. New high-end equipment blanking production lines and intelligent robot production lines were built. Some equipment has been put into use and some are being debugged. These new equipment and new processes will be effectively improved Production efficiency and product quality further enhance competitiveness.

Product quality, brand and credibility are the best market guarantee. It only took half a month to resume production in March. The company received 704 orders, and in April it is expected to achieve 1,500 orders, far exceeding the level of the same period last year. Workers work overtime to meet orders and ensure delivery on time.

"We are confident that on the basis of completing 15,000 units of the year, the annual output will only increase but not decrease." Wang Xiaokang said that with the resumption of various engineering projects, the company's main product dump trucks, which account for 40% of sales It will usher in a wave of sales peak, and strive to catch up with the planned target progress in the third quarter and surpass the target in the fourth quarter.

With the rapid and full production of CSCTRUCK it has also driven the rapid recovery of nearly 200 supporting components supply enterprises.