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Governor Of A Province Visited CSCTRUCK For Recovery Production

Governor Of A Province Visited CSCTRUCK For Recovery Production

Apr 04, 2020

Governor of Hubei Province Visited CSCTRUCK for Recovery Production


On the morning of April 3, Cao Guangjing, vice governor of Hubei Province, visited CSCTRUCK to investigate the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the resumption of production. Chen Ruifeng, secretary of the municipal party committee, Wu Chaoming, deputy mayor, Zhou Yalin, director of the high-tech zone management committee, and other leaders accompanied the investigation.


The leader term coming to CSCTRUCK, the leaders of the provincial government went into the workshop to understand the prevention and control of the company's epidemic situation and the work of resuming production. At present, the number of recovery workers at CSCTRUCK has reached 100%. At this stage, under the premise of implementing various prevention and control measures, the recovery of production capacity is accelerated.


The provincial leaders visited the tank workshop, the automatic welding production line of dump trucks, the automatic production line of the preparation center and other high-end equipment. The company's vice chairman Ding Gang introduced the future strategic positioning of Hubei CSCTRUCK in detail to the provincial leaders. CRRC will be in the next few years Invested 500 million yuan in Suizhou to build CSCTRUCK's headquarters for commercial vehicles integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, and investment, which helped CSCTRUCK to become more refined and stronger, and reported the company's three-phase construction plan. Vice Chairman Ding Gang said that at present, the company has sufficient orders, the production workshop is working overtime, and is working hard to complete the production task. It is planned to make up for the loss of orders due to the epidemic in March at the end of April. Under the guidance of CRRC's strategic planning, strive to complete the company's annual business goals, and submit a qualified answer to the provincial and municipal leaders who have always cared about and supported CSCTRUCK Company.


At the end of the investigation, Vice Governor Cao Guangjing emphasized that, while doing well in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, it is necessary to make good use of the corresponding policies, make full use of horsepower to ensure production, make up for the progress caused by the epidemic situation, and go all out to complete the annual target tasks.