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Refueling Truck Pretend As Sprinkler Escape Crisis Management

Refueling Truck Pretend As Sprinkler Escape Crisis Management

Dec 24, 2019

         Recently, there are internet posts burst: Yulin City, Shaoyang District, NiujiaLiang Town Wang Zhewan Village, in a large-scale parking lot, a mobile refueling truck illegal oils for passing trucks, there are security risks, really so?

Refueling Truck

      Video posted online shows that in the boom parking lot, an oil tank truck, whose front license plate for Shaanxi K 35785, while the rear license is Shaanxi KM2905, is refueling for the truck KB7845 which is next to it. The refueler became nervous when he saw the video cameraman close. Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to Wang Zhewan prosperous parking lot, the most inside parked 3 medium-sized tankers, tank trucks do not have license plates, both sides printed with the words "sprinkler truck" to hide the eyes and ears. When the reporter took out a plastic bucket to ask if he could refuel, the refueler in the online video quickly promised to do so. The refueller starts the engine of the mobile tanker, then takes out the gun and pours oil into the plastic bucket. Mobile refueling tanker steamer said that he did not work for long, refueling no tickets and receipts, a can can sell more than 20,000. Then the reporter reflected the situation to the Puyang District Security Bureau. More than an hour later, puyang area safety production monitoring team staff rushed to the scene, and just now the refueler has abandoned the truck and fled, no trace.

       Zhang Haifei, a staff member of the safety production supervision team in Shaoyang District of Yulin City, said that the parties have escaped, the safety supervision team has sent staff to look after the scene, the oil will be temporarily detained, investigation and evidence collection in accordance with the law, the unlicensed modified small tanker truck will be transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the Safety Production Law and other relevant provisions.

      In accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Regulations on the Administration of the Market for Refined Oil products and the Regulations on the Administration of Dangerous Chemicals, the State shall implement a licensing system for the operation of refined oil products, and no individual or unit may engage in oil product business activities without permission, nor may it modify or use mobile tankers for refueling without permission. At present, The Luyang District Safety Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments in Yulin City have launched further investigation into the matter.