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RFI Of Special Vehicle For Overseas Users

RFI Of Special Vehicle For Overseas Users

Jul 30, 2020

For the export of special purpose vehicles, What basic information do we need to know about overseas users?

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As a salesperson of a special-purpose vehicle manufacturer, sometimes we receive inquiries from some automobile trading companies or other international trading companies (that is, special-purpose vehicle exports). It is found that some customers are not clear about the needs of overseas users or buyers of special vehicles, and it is difficult for factories to provide an accurate price for special vehicles. In order to avoid wasting time, after receiving inquiries from overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles, it is necessary to clarify the following points as soon as possible:


1. In which country will the special-purpose vehicle be used?

Because there are two steering wheel positions in the world, left-hand drive (Left hand drive in English, LHD, also called left-hand drive) and right-hand drive (Right hand drive in English, RHD, also called right-hand drive) ). Some countries use left-hand driving (as in China), and other countries use right-hand driving. When our special-purpose car manufacturer knows which country the vehicle will be used in, we will know which one to use, or you can directly tell us the special-purpose car manufacturer.

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2. What is the emission standard of the country where the special vehicle is used?

Different countries have different emission standards. There are 5 types of Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV, and Euro V (the standard currently used in China, Euro IV will also be rolled out). Overseas users (or buyers) of special-purpose vehicles should contact the local government and inform us of their requirements. Generally speaking, with higher emission standards, the price will be higher.

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3. Under what road conditions will special vehicles be used?

After letting our special-purpose vehicle manufacturers know the road conditions the truck will use, they can recommend suitable horsepower and tires for you. If under bad road conditions, higher engine power is required. There are usually 3 types of tires to choose from, nylon tires (Nylon tyre), radial tyre tires and tubeless tyre.

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4. If overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles have special requirements for the brand, they should also let our special vehicle manufacturers know.

Our special-purpose vehicle manufacturers produce special-purpose vehicles of different brands, such as Dongfeng, Foton's various series (Foton Forland, Foton Aumark, Foton Auman, Foton Aoling), Beiben, Faw Jiefang, and Sinotruk. You can choose products with good after-sales service brands. If so, please inform the seller.

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5. Are there any special certification requirements for overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles?

Different countries have different requirements. Before overseas users (or buyers) of special vehicles purchase vehicles, let them understand this and inform us. At present, the world's main certifications for special vehicles include GCC, GOST, ECE-emark, ECE, SABS, SONCAP, etc.

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6. Information about some basic functions of special vehicles.

If users of special purpose vehicles buy water sprayers, we need to know how much capacity the sprinkler is? Do you need a rear work platform? Is it with air control? These can be contacted with our special car manufacturer, and then inquire in detail.

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Quotation of special vehicles is a more complicated task, because some configurations can be increased or decreased according to the needs of users, and different configurations will also affect the price. Therefore, we must first understand the user's needs and price range before recommending and making a quotation for a special vehicle that they are more satisfied with.