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Semi-trailer Brake Experience

Semi-trailer Brake Experience

Jun 08, 2019

Braking can seriously affect the driving safety of the car, especially for large semi-trailers. Once an emergency occurs, the brakes will have serious consequences. With the addition of more and more young and new drivers, the brake method of semi-trailers has become a necessary knowledge reserve for these people.

1. Adjust the speed before turning, and immediately stop the action to prevent rollover, straighten the body mast, brake, and then turn after the speed is reduced.

2. In order to prevent the head from sinking when going downhill, master the skill. You should first press the tail paper to make it before the extrusion. In normal safe driving, loosen the throttle and control the foot brake.

3. The choice of the point brake and the emergency brake also need to be determined according to the situation. If the semi-trailer does not have an ABS anti-lock system, we should try to use the brake to avoid the situation that the tire locks the steering wheel. When there is an ABS anti-lock system, we only need to keep the vehicle running smoothly and normally.

In addition, you must develop good braking habits and brake with your feet. When braking in an emergency, you must use the brakes to ensure the ABS anti-lock braking system and the safe stop of the vehicle.