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Semi-trailer For Reasonable Maintenance

Semi-trailer For Reasonable Maintenance

Jun 20, 2019

In the process of using the semi-trailer, only reasonable maintenance can be used to better play a powerful role and effectively extend the service life of the semi-trailer. So how to properly maintain the semi-trailer?

1. After driving for a period of time, the driver should stop and check whether the body of the semi-trailer is damaged or scratched. The body should be waxed regularly to avoid damage to the body in the event of bad weather.

2. To ensure that the electric furnace is normal, it is very important to check the circuit at any time. The vehicle's electrical system should be checked frequently during the rainy season to avoid leaks.

3. Keep the cab ventilated smoothly, and avoid excessive damage to the driver's body. Do not let the semi-trailer be in a place where it is wet or exposed to sunlight for a long time, and do the natural maintenance of the semi-trailer.

4. Of course, thorough derusting should be taken seriously to prevent the bottom of the car from getting wet and to prevent rust on the chassis. When we transport some cargo, oil and gas are some corrosive items, we must pay attention to vehicle chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment.