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Semi-trailer Reversing Skills

Semi-trailer Reversing Skills

May 27, 2019

The reversing of a semi-trailer is the same as that of a tractor, but a semi-trailer is different from a normal vehicle in that it is bulky and relatively inflexible, so reversing is also a very professional technical activity. Come and see the reversing skills of the semi-trailer!

1. The semi-trailer has two sections. Therefore, not only the front part of the car needs to be paid attention to when reversing, but also the possibility that the rear part of the rear compartment of the car will be scratched when turning, and if there is a possibility of collision at the rear. It is necessary to quickly reverse the fight and reserve sufficient space for the rear and rear box corners.

2. Pay attention to turning skills, make full use of the front wheel space, maintain a large arc of turning, avoid the occurrence of smaller angles between the main car and the trailer, and prevent the phenomenon of puncture.

3. Less rounds and accurate return. Pay attention to correcting while reversing the car, observe the car mirror and parking position, pay attention to the return wheel, and keep the advance amount. If you don't go in, you can go up and back up. If someone is working in the car, follow the instructions and slowly return to it. Remember not to worry. The feeling of urgency will affect the reversing and even lead to a safety accident.