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Semi-trailer Safety Check Before Driving

Semi-trailer Safety Check Before Driving

Jul 02, 2019

Traffic accidents occur almost every day, especially in the transportation industry. The safe driving of semi-trailers is the top priority of the trucking career. If you do not develop the habit of pre-driving inspection, it will cause safety hazards in driving. In order to prevent this, the semi-trailer should be routinely checked before each week or every shipment. Including tires, screws, legs, box hooks, box plates, sockets and other small parts. So what do you do?

1. First check the tires of the semi-trailer for leaks. The tires are not enough. Check the tires for any debris on the whole body. Observe the tire's steel ring for deformation and cracks.

2. Often the details determine success or failure. Check to pay attention to some details. The screws on the tires should be checked one by one. Don't feel trouble. If you are on the road, the screws are loose and lost. It will definitely happen. The accident will not be regretted at the time, so be sure to tighten each screw on the tire.

3. There is also a hand touch on the hooks, box plates, sockets and other small parts with or without cracks, check the light for damage, start the semi-trailer to check whether the barometer is normal, test the brakes are not working, listen to the leak Phenomenon, these are all very important.

Life is fragile. If you are not careful, a big idea can end your life and bring endless sorrow to your family. We must cherish life and drive safely. After confirming that there will be no security problems, you can safely get on the road. Only the more carefully and comprehensively the inspection items are done, the safety can be guaranteed.