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SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks At The 18th Fire Truck Exhibition

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks At The 18th Fire Truck Exhibition

Nov 19, 2019

October 16, 2019, The CHINAFIRE2018 opens at The New International Exhibition Hall in Beijing, From the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and other nearly 30 countries (regions) and China's mainland more than 800 enterprises exhibiting, bringing 168 heavy-duty chassis.

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks 1

China's heavy vehicle performance is very bright in these 168 chassis. Sixty fire trucks used heavy-duty truck chassis, accounting for more than 35% of the total, far more than the number of imported brand trucks, become the best proof of China's manufacturing rise.

▎ 35.71% Defeat Imported Trucks

Fire trucks are special vehicles with high added value. For a long time, domestic and foreign auto companies have attached great importance to this market segment, However, due to the various complicated conditions in the rescue process, the fire protection field has high requirements for vehicle quality, especially for chassis. The previous fire truck exhibition has become a foreign import brand show, but the trucks made in China is not outstanding in the fire truck market.

Therefore, The European chassis like MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvo, Isuzu and other imported brands occupy half of the domestic market, but domestic brands have relatively few fire trucks.

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks2

In recent years, with the upgrade of Chinese truck manufacturing process and product, fire trucks made in China especially heavy vehicle brand trucks is slowly becoming more and more. China's heavy vehicle product performance is even more eye-catching in this fire show, Changed the situation of the "solo show" fire show of imported cars, and won the champion with a share of 35.71%.

Of the 168 fire trucks chassis at the exhibition, China's heavy vehicle chassis number reached 60, accounting for more than 35.71%, more than all imported brands. Among them,SHANDETRUCK the single brand of 42 vehicles, is the largest number of single brand products in this exhibition car. 

▎ Four Secrets to Stand Out

As we all know, fire trucks belong to special vehicles, the cost of car purchase is high, if there is a problem after purchase, not only the attendance may be reduced, but also have a great impact on the emergency relief.

At the same time, because many rescue and disaster relief continued process is relatively long, the requirements of the capability and performance stability of fire vehicles is very high, to ensure their normal operation, chassis is undoubtedly the most important, then how China heavy truck won these imported ones?

On the opening day, Liu Peimin, vice president of China Heavy Truck, communicated with Special Truck Manufacture to know their demands, China's heavy fire truck’s advantage is obvious. First, worked with Man to upgrade the product, and stand out from the crowd on heavy trucks, then replace imported trucks.

China heavy trucks have a few advantages:

the features of high quality and better price; 

delivery cycle is better controlled;

China Heavy Truck and Fire Truck Manufacture have set up a good communication mechanism, and ability to custom chassis in order to different needs of the requirements.

Liu Peimin also said, China Heavy Truck plans to set up a special booth to show China's HOWO and SHANDEKA products in the next session. On the other hand, the support of China Heavy Truck and services network will also become a strong backing for the Special Truck Manufacture in this exhibition.

▎ Replace imported trucks, greeted the emergence of Chinese Manufacture

At present, China Heavy Truck and more than 20 Fire Truck Manufacture have established cooperative relations, basically achieved the full coverage of the fire truck. From the feedback of these manufacture to our China Fire Truck chassis, we can know China Heavy Vehicle Fire Chassis based on Man technology have been widely recognized and become the first choice of customers because of its reliability, safety.

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks3

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks4

(FUJIAN JIAOLONG show T5G chassis of Fire Truck)


SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks5

(Foam Fire Truck, which has also become a hot product in the factory.)

 SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks6

(Multi-purpose dining truck, Fire rescue multi-functional shower truck.)

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks7

Vacuum Sewer Suction Mounted on HOWO truck chassis, Multi-function fire rescue truck

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks8

Rescue fire truck mounted on HOWO A7 6x4 truck chassis

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks9

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks10

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks11

Camping Truck, Sanitation truck, kitchen truck mounted on SITRAK C5H 4x2


SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks12

SINOTRUK Defeated Import Trucks13

We finally wait the coming of today. 60 chassis, accounting for 35.71%. China Heavy Truck is undoubtedly the brightest star in this year's fire truck show, it defeated all imported brands and replaced them, thus showed the gradual expansion of China's national industrial strength and be the best proof of the rise of Chinese manufacturing.