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SINOTRUK M5G Multi-Functional Water Tanker Dust Fighter

SINOTRUK M5G Multi-Functional Water Tanker Dust Fighter

Nov 18, 2019

This Multi-Functional Water Tanker Dust Fighter is produced by CSCTRUCK. The chassis is developed based on STYER M5G, and Engine with MAN MC07, Max power 280 ps, Euro 4 Emission standard. Rear axle is 153 double reduction driving axle, DC7J120TC transmission. Meet the needs of daily operations and loading.

Water Tanker 1

Dust Truck has the same function with “Rain God Xiao Jingteng” –rain. The difference is that the rain god is with the help of clouds in the sky, and dust truck is in need of their own water tank. In order to carry enough spraying water, this dust fighter tanker volume with 15CBM.

Water Tanker 2

Water Tanker 3

The most important rain-making tool of the dust truck is the spray machine installed behind the tank, the remote spray system can be sprayed in the square, the dock to reduce dust, adjust the air humidity. Air disinfectants can also be sprayed in landfills and after natural disasters to prevent disease.

Water Tanker 4

The sprayer adjusts the speed of the fan and pump to control the air volume and the amount of water to adjust the range of the spray system. The handle switch adjusts the left and right deflection direction of the wind drum. Spray machines of 60 meters, 80 meters and 120 meters can also be selected according to the user's needs.

Water Tanker 5

Water Tanker 6IIn addition to the rear sprayer, the truck also has a low-voltage waterway system at the front that can be used for road cleaning. The manual high-pressure water gun is also equipped with a 20m automatic reel, which can be manually operated to clean sidewalks, isolation zones and other places.

Water Tanker 7

 In addition to sprinkler spray, two 220V alternating voltage and a 380V AC voltage output socket is also configured in the front of the truck, which can also be used as emergency power generators in sudden situations.

With the acceleration of urban construction, new sanitation models continue to appear, multi-functional water tanker dust fighter appeared frequently in the major exhibitions. 5 heavy-duty chassis will be the main product of heavy vehicle into the special vehicle market, the emergence of this dust truck is only the beginning of heavy vehicle into the special vehicle market.