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Sketch Drawing The Classic Truck

Sketch Drawing The Classic Truck

Nov 06, 2019

Today is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Shang Huiwen Watches the parade and a series of celebrations in front of the television with emotion Marveling for the brilliant achievements of New China in the past 70 years. 

When it comes to Chinese trucks, the first thing to do is "FAW ". The first Automobile Manufacturing Plant was set in Changchun, Jilin.

On July 13, 1956, the birth of the first liberated CA10 completely broke the history that our country's inability to produce our own trucks. From that day on, it also started the struggle of the new Chinese automobile industry.

Picture 1-Faw CA10 cargo truck    ps: The rear is steel plate

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck1

Picture2-FAW142 Military trucks and FAW J6P 8x4 Water tank fire truck

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck2

EQ must be referred when it comes to FAW. EQ factory was set in Shiyan, Hubei Province, which originally owned by the State Council plan single-list management, the name was changed into DONGFENG company.

Picture3-DONGFENG EQ cargo truck

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck3

Picture4-DONGFENG118GA Military trucks

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck4

Besides FAW, EQ, the author himself was deeply impressed by the "Huanghe JN150" which was common in childhood. At that time we all called him the "Huanghe".

On April 15, 1960, the then Jinan Automobile Manufacturing Plant successfully trialled the "Huanghe JN150 8-ton heavy-duty vehicles. It's a milestone for Heavy Trucks in China. The truck was developed based on the Skoda 706 series prototype and through the older generation of truck technicians through dismantling, mapping and other methods.

The author rode the “Huanghe” When he was a child, the most impressive is the the huge hood in the middle of the cab, so the room for riding is cramped although the driver's room is very large, moreover, the roar of the diesel engine is also impressed.

Picture5-HuangheJI150 oil tanker.

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck5

Picture6- “Huanghe 162 heavy-duty trucks” and “ROMAN Semi-trailer tractor”

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck6

In 1983, the Huanghe JN162 model successfully passed 50,000 kilometers of reliability and various road travel tests at the Hainan test site. And in June 1984 HUangheJN162 passed the national identification and officially put into mass production, JN162 has become a domestic classic truck. 

The truck's room design and mold are all from the Romanian ROMAN heavy truck. In the mid-1970s, China imports series of heavy vehicle chassis, components from Romania through barter trade. components, and then assembled into a complete vehicle Jinan automobile manufacturing plant.

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck7

The author purposely put the picture of  "HUanghe JN162" and "ROMAN" heavy truck hand-painted together, we can compare, do they look similar?

Sketch Drawing the Classic Truck8