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Some Considerations For Driving A Semi-trailer

Some Considerations For Driving A Semi-trailer

Jul 14, 2019

1. Clutch: We must use a gear when driving the semi-trailer. The pedal of the lift clutch should be stable and not strong. Avoid using the semi-clutch to prevent the clutch friction plate from being burned out.

2. Braking: Appropriate fueling door, the wheel difference is large, such as the outer corner of the car has a biased distance, [semi-trailer reversing] should try to take a big turn. Semi-trailers are generally all-wheel brakes, so the braking performance is better, and the brakes can be used appropriately.

The above two points are the places where semi-trailers need special attention, because the clutch and brake are very critical. When the semi-trailer is reversing, the steering direction of the steering wheel should be opposite to the reverse direction. When a semi-trailer turns around, generally choose a wider intersection so that it can be completed once and back.