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Special Vehicle Summary Meeting In CSCTRUCK

Special Vehicle Summary Meeting In CSCTRUCK

Jun 23, 2020

On June 23, CRRC Traffic the first half of the year 2020 of special vehicle summary and industry collaboration meeting was successfully held in CSCTRUCK. Secretary of CRRC Traffic Committee, Chairman Gu Yifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Manager Zou Jiansheng, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Zheng Bin, as well as representatives of brother companies of CRRC Traffic's special vehicle segment, and nearly 40 leaders of CSCTRUCK are all attending the meeting.

 Special Vehicle Summary Meeting1


At 8:00 in the morning, Chairman Gu Yifeng lead the participants to the production workshop of CSCTRUCK. The general manager of CSCTRUCK Wang Xiaokang introduced the operation of the most advanced equipment production line that has been officially put into production to the leaders: raw material uncoiling line, high-end cutting Equipment, auto welding robots and supporting automatic positioners and other production equipment have been fully put into production, and the product production process, quality and efficiency have been greatly improved.

 Special Vehicle Summary Meeting2

Special Vehicle Summary Meeting3

At 8:30 am, the meeting officially started. The full-day meeting was divided into three parts: CSCTRUCK’s second half year of 2020’s marketing summary, CRRC traffic special vehicle market co-ordination, and special vehicle industry coordination.

Special Vehicle Summary Meeting4

Firstly, Dong Mingyong, deputy general manager of CSCTRUCK, made a work report on the first half year of 2020 marketing summary: this year, affected by the epidemic, the development of the special vehicle market has been more difficult. CSCTRUCK has developed "active marketing, 1135 cultivation plan, and service efficiency improvement" A series of measures in the "process", bucking the trend, the number of orders completed from April to June increased by 37% year-on-year, the tank truck series has completed the annual target of 60.1%, and continues to maintain the market position of the industry; the chassis business is repositioned, resources are optimized and achieved A major breakthrough, which has completed 70.7% of the annual target.

Next, CSCTRUCK brother company representative made a report on the product positioning and market development progress of each region. Zhuoyue Chusheng and Ningbo Overseas have completed over 10 million sales revenue in East China; Tram Technology has made breakthrough progress in entering the small catalog in the Shanghai market; the chassis business goals and ideas of Zhongdatong and CSCTRUCK are more clear; the tunneling company Kyushu Automobile, Zhongying Special Equipment, and Jiangxi Tongda all expressed their confidence in exerting their resource advantages under the overall planning of the CRRC Traffic Special Vehicle Market and enhancing the market system construction capability of the region.


Then, Ding Gang, the principal who in charge of the special vehicle segment, gave a special report on the special vehicle industry collaboration and X product incubation. Deqing Qihang will position new energy engineering vehicles and premium sanitation vehicles. Jiangxi Tongda will import products in the fields of dump trucks, agricultural and animal husbandry transportation, etc., and Hanjiang equipment will be introduced in brand sanitation vehicles and supporting supply chains. In addition, Ningbo CSCTRUCK and Weifang CSCTRUCK to be invested in the future will also conduct customized and differentiated product development positioning based on regional market advantages. It was decided at the meeting that CSCTRUCK would come up with a package of product cultivation, market assistance and equity adjustment plan to implement as soon as possible.


Finally, Zheng Bin, chairman of Zhongcheng MRT, made progress on the MRT project in the "city operation and maintenance overall solution" multi-mode project, and how to grasp product positioning, clarify customer structure, and formulate correct marketing strategies. In-depth analysis, guidance, and impart relevant experience.

Special Vehicle Summary Meeting5

After listening to the report, Chairman Gu Yifeng highly recognized CSCTRUCK’s achievements in the first half of the year and emphasized that chassis and overseas marketing are the key business development in the future. And from the aspects of "responsibility and mission, technological innovation, the future development trend of the special vehicle industry" and other aspects, it elaborated CRRC Traffic's future layout plan for the special vehicle industry. He pointed out that CRRC Traffic's positioning of the special vehicle industry is to become a domestic and even a world-class high-end equipment supplier. Technical innovation must be at the forefront of the industry, followed by resource integration, industry coordination, and industry leading image.



The meeting was a complete success, clarifying the key work plan for the second half of 2020, and pointed out the direction for the high-quality development of CRRC's special vehicle industry.