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Standards For Revising Semi-trailers

Standards For Revising Semi-trailers

Jul 08, 2019

Car modification is more common, so the semi-trailer itself is a special vehicle, and its modification is very random. So today, let me talk about what standards should be paid attention to when modifying a semi-trailer?

Firstly, the modification of the semi-trailer can improve the load capacity of the vehicle, but it must follow certain standards during the modification to ensure the quality and safety of the vehicle. The following is an introduction to the conversion standard, we look forward to your attention.

1. When the semi-trailer is modified, the length cannot be increased too much. Generally, the girders can be increased by 3-5 meters, while the girders of heavy-duty semi-trailers can only increase the length of no more than 3 meters.

2. The semi-trailer manufacturer tells you that the height of the modified semi-trailer should not be too high. It is not possible to increase the semi-trailer height excessively in order to increase the load capacity of the semi-trailer, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rollover.

3. When modifying a semi-trailer, it is not possible to reduce the number of big names between the girders in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, which is easy to cause the semi-trailer beam to break. Remember.

I hope that everyone must follow the above three standards when modifying semi-trailers to ensure the safety of vehicles after modification.