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Sweeping And Washing Truck Sold To HONGKONG

Sweeping And Washing Truck Sold To HONGKONG

Nov 15, 2019

SINOTRUK sold to HONGKONG’s Street Sweeping and Washing Truck which sub contracted to CSCTRUCK hold a delivery ceremony, it's the first public appearance of the street truck. As a vehicle sold directly to the HONGKONG Government, the new models not only need to meet the local habits in Hong Kong, but also meet the high requirements of the government to the street sweeping and washing truck.

●Leaders attach great importance, the technical staff fighting overnight

Sweeping and Washing Truck 1

The Street Sweeping and Washing Truck project is the first batch purchase of Euro6 truck by the Hong Kong Government, and also the first time the mainland brand euro6 heavy truck sales in the Hong Kong market. Therefore, the leaders of QINGDAO SINOTRUK pay much attention to this project, and set up the "Hong Kong Street and Washing Project Group" in the first time. 

Sweeping and Washing Truck 2

Zhang Minggang, Director of Qingdao Heavy Industries Construction Vehicle Department

It took months for the vehicle to be finalized, and at the most stressful time, they designed the drawing overnights and released more than 30 design status all in all. In order to ensure the structural requirements and appearance quality of Hong Kong street truck washing, the prototype has been assembled four times and five times in the past two months. In November 2017, The Hong Kong Street Sweeping and Washing Truck passed the performance test of the Hong Kong government representative, the on-site evaluation by the experts of China Heavy Automobile Group, and obtained the preliminary acceptance.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 3

Hong Kong sweeping truck is the first commercial production of sinotruk Qingdao

When I first saw the Hong Kong street sweeping truck, the design of its four doors caught my eye. You know, China Heavy Automobile rarely sold heavy trucks with four doors to the outside world, and Qingdao Heavy Industries has only a small number of test-mounted four-door fire trucks, this time we see the Hong Kong street sweeping truck is the Qingdao SINOTRUK industry four-door model of the first commercial mass production.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 4

A standard Hong Kong street sweeping truck requires 6 people to ride 

The new truck's four-door design is entirely due to the local street cleaning needs in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, a street sweeping truck requires six people to ride, and each person is seated in a position corresponding to his range of work: the driver is responsible for driving; the co-pilot is responsible for manipulating the truck's washing equipment through the interior panel; and the second row can be used by four people who need to manually clean the road on narrow roads that the vehicle cannot access.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 5

Water spray can provide low-pressure sprinklers and high-pressure cleaning modes

Under the vehicle's front bumper is designed with two road cleaning sprinklers that provide two different ways of working with low-pressure sprinklers and high-pressure cleaning. In low-pressure sprinkler mode, it can cover streets up to 16 meters wide, and when cleaning at high pressure, the water flow can reach 100L/min and the flushing pressure is 10MPa. 

Sweeping and Washing Truck 6

The operating control panel not only supports the switching between high and low water pressure, but also adjusts the direction of the spray

The panel that controls the vehicle cleaning equipment is designed in the cab's platform position, the panel is also designed by Qingdao SINOTRUK Industries, although it appears to be only a circuit controller, but the interior is connected to almost all the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle, the execution and fault tips of each cleaning function are achieved through this panel. In the operating control panel, the operator can not only switch high and low pressure to the water spray equipment, but also adjust the flow and pressure of the water spray to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 7

Hong Kong government adds automatic gearbox to sweeping truck manufacturing standards

Hong Kong's street sweeping truck not only has stricter requirements for road cleaning performance, but also requires excellent vehicle operation, and the automatic transmission configuration has been added to the manufacturing standards. Today we see the Chinese heavy vehicle Hong Kong street sweeping truck, which is equipped with an Allison automatic gearbox, almost the same with automatic trucks in terms of the operation ways and the shift experience.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 8

Qingdao SINOTRUK Industries' "Ao Wei"also equipped with an automatic gearbox

Although automatic transmissions are rare in the commercial vehicle industry, they are not stranger to Heavy China. Prior to that, the "Ao Wei" are produced with automatic gearbox by Qingdao SINOTRUK, which served as a security guard at the 18th Shanghai Joint Summit in Qingdao in June 2018, and is the most advanced large tonnage police riot vehicle in China.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 9

The water tank is the largest component in the upper part.

The huge water tank is the largest component in the upper part of this truck, although it exists only as a container for the tap water needed to clean the street, the inside of the tank is a big deal. As mentioned above, Hong Kong has very strict requirements for vehicle quality, and QingdaoSINOTRUK Industries has done a lot of work on lightweight improvements.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 10

The tank itself is made of 316L stainless steel

After a long period of testing and multi-party demonstration, Qingdao SINOTRUK Industries finalized the material of the water tank: the tank itself and the pipeline using 316L stainless steel. Besides the parts that contact with the media, aluminum  is adopted without affecting structural strength. In this way, the vehicles not only meet the quality requirements of the Hong Kong Government for street sweeping truck washing, but also enhance the anti-corrosion performance.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 11

Hong Kong government demands street truck cans to be anti-corrosive to food standards

In addition, the Hong Kong Government also has very high corrosion requirements for street sweeping truck, that is, food-grade standards must be met, so that when lack of water, street wash trucks can be temporarily used as a transport vehicle for residents' drinking water. Therefore, heavy vehicles of Hong Kong sweeping truck should accept the examination from both Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 12

The rubber pipe behind the tank is 100 meters long.

In order to facilitate manual cleaning operations by staff at narrow street entrances, a low-pressure reel on the rear platform of the vehicle is entangled with a low-pressure rubber pipe of 100 meters. Artificial cleaning in Hong Kong generally takes women to take responsibility because they are more careful than men when cleaning. In Hong Kong, if a sweeper spills water on passers-by, he will be subject to an administrative complaint.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 13

SINOTRUK Qingdao has developed wireless remote 

Rubber pipe collection can be achieved through the body of the motor, eliminating the tedious human operation. General speaking, Hong Kong street sweeping truck operation button sonly installed at the rear of the car, and SINOTRUK Qingdao Industries in the design of a variety of conditions, the additional use of a wireless remote control, staff can remote control of the collection and placement of water pipes outside the vehicle, this design makes manual cleaning more convenient, labor-saving, has been praised by the Hong Kong government departments.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 14 

Chassis adopt newly design to meet HONGKONG’s self-imposed requirements

The chassis has no difference in appearance with the SINOTRUK T5G, but has actually been completely redesigned. The previous ordinary T5G is based on the characteristics of road transport in mainland China to create products, in order to ensure adequate carrying capacity, the vehicle weight is higher. In accordance with Hong Kong requirements, the quality of the vehicle is controlled in a very strict range, which makes heavy vehicles have to abandon the previous solution steam to carry out lightweight design, including the miniaturization of some equipment, replacement materials and other measures.

Sweeping and Washing Truck 15

The HONGKONG street sweeping and washing truck is equipped with a model MC07 29-60 heavy steam MAN technology diesel engine.  With the latest after-treatment device, exhaust emissions can meet the Euro 6 standard. In terms of performance, the engine can output up to 290 horsepower, a maximum torque of 1150Nm, and can support the truck at 70km/h.

●  Summary:

Chinese SINOTRUK has been the top in domestic exports of heavy vehicles, and the quality is enough to shake the status of imported cars. The delivery of Hong Kong street sweeping and washing will give them more meaning, and also become an important node in the development of China's heavy vehicle development