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Truck Receipt Report My T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime

Truck Receipt Report My T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime

Dec 12, 2019

Since sign the purchase agreement 15 days ago, today I have been finally get my new ordered reefer truck.

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime1 T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime2

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime3

Today, I have been there to the service station get a fully check and test for my new truck , and tomorrow will get the license.

My Reefer Truck Specification:

MAN Diesel Engine model MC07.34-40, 340hp

Luxuries long sleeper cab

153 model double rear driving axle, ratio 4.44, 

10-speed manual transmission gears, 

Equipped ABS, 

12R22.5 tubeless tire, 

Fuel tank capacity 400L, 

Front less leaf springs, rear with Hendrickson suspension. 

Korean "Thermal Master" reefer unit.

The reason why I am not chose the top roof cab that there is limited space for install the reefer unit, but instead of I select a  streamlined dome, I shall install by myself after the truck been registered. The complete vehicle weight 12360kg,  here list my total cost for the reefer truck:

HOWO T5G Reefer Truck 9.6m in Van Box Length 







I have been get this reefer   with total price USD58105 to my shop include the van box and reefers, taxable,   insurance ,inspection, transport license, registration, accommodation, meals,   and my personal transportation, fuel consumption. Totally last 4 days then   finish all processing, then drive 150km to my workshop.




Tax Rate



$ 400


$ 2200


$ 70


$ 35






My younger brother experienced driving my new reefer truck

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime4

Single bed sleeper, in my opinion it’s enough

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime5

Luxuries Cab, Driving comfortable as a car 

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime6

Remote controlled keys, convenient and easy way door open

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime7

The parked FAW J6 and Dongfeng KL are all new truck wait there for the registration.

T5G Reefer Trucks Comes Intime8