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USD370000 BYD Sweeper Truck In 70-year Celebrating Parade

USD370000 BYD Sweeper Truck In 70-year Celebrating Parade

Nov 06, 2019

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the biggest controversy for BYD is its logo, Many of them said the sign was too ugly to give a cheap feeling. Although BYD's car prices are not very low, BYD has had a lot of innovations on the road of development in recent years. For example, using the name of the ancient dynasties to do the car sign, really very Chinese model, The price has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the editor told you today that this BYD car sold for 2.6 million, this is BYD garbage sweeper T8.

BYD Sweeper Truck 1

BYD T8 is indeed a garbage-sweeper truck. The most aggressive place is it's completely an electric garbage sweeper. However, this is not the proudest place, the proudest is that this truck took part in the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade. As the front-runner for the parade, BYD T8 first drived through Tiananmen Square to clean Chang'an Street.  

BYD Sweeper Truck 2

This truck was jointly developed by BYD and Beijing Sanitation in 2015. As the world's first electric sweeper, it takes on the sanitation work in downtown Beijing and has all the functions of the sweeper. BYD has two battery packs for the car, which can reach a range of 300Km.

BYD Sweeper Truck 3

The front part looks very aggressive, especially the dark blue sign, silver "BYD" and gold strokes, Although in the past we all said BYD's LOGO ugly, but this time the editor felt very good-looking.

BYD Sweeper Truck 4

The combination of headlights is also very characteristic, there are four small LED lights under the turn light, 12 LED lights under the high beam, which looks very chic, as if there's a smell of a car in it.

What do you think of this BYD car? We have no reason to doubt the technology of BYD since it is excellent quality of electric sweeper.

BYD Sweeper Truck 5