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What Are The Characteristics Of Low-profile Semi-trailers?

What Are The Characteristics Of Low-profile Semi-trailers?

Jun 14, 2019

Low-profile semi-trailers usually use concave frames, and the front part is gooseneck frame. The characteristics of low-profile semi-trailers are also divided. We choose the following three points to briefly explain the characteristics of low-profile semi-trailers.

1. The low-profile semi-trailer has its concave beam and tire and has a contact structure. The beam adopts a straight or gooseneck. The frame is stepped, it is different, the beam has a cross-section of I-shaped, high rigidity, high strength and wear resistance, so it can withstand the test.

2. The low-profile semi-trailer has a low frame in its main plane. In order to ensure stable transportation, it is suitable for various construction machinery, large equipment, steel and so on.

3. In terms of balance, it adopts three-axis balance, 2-axis balance or rigid suspension. The front and rear leaf springs are equipped with mass balance blocks, which can change the front and rear leaf springs and deflection, so that the front and rear axles are balanced.

The low-profile semi-trailer related series products are suitable for all kinds of steel equipment transportation, such as various mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large storage tanks, power station equipment, etc., with wide application range and high efficiency. The vehicle adopts advanced computer-aided design software, which is flexible and diverse. Our company can design the frame bearing surface according to the requirements of users and can meet the transportation of various special goods.