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Young Man Purchasing YUEJIN Truck Online Selection, Onsite Inspection

Young Man Purchasing YUEJIN Truck Online Selection, Onsite Inspection

Nov 08, 2020

Young Man Purchasing YUEJIN Truck Online Selection, Onsite Inspection

Love Appearance, Love Customized

Although the buyer is born on 1992, he is an old driver who has been driving for 10 years. Master Xiao Li said that because he bought a National III emission standard car at that time, in March this year, the Xingtai Municipal Government issued a notice stating that the National III vehicles would be obliged to be scrapped from March 28. Therefore, he had no choice but to change the car.

YUEJIN Driver - Xiao Li 

YUEJIN Driver - Xiao Li


Although I have never used SAIC light truck products, there are many light trucks running on the road in Xingtai. "My friends said that the quality of SAIC light trucks is good, and I recommended me to check it out. At that time, SAIC light trucks launched new H series products. At first glance, I think the appearance is very beautiful, it is still national 6b emission, I always remember it." Master Xiao Li said.


"Because I mainly ran short-distance vegetable transportation, I didn't have high requirements for configuration and didn't usually have much leisure time, so I directly used the car according to my own car situation. To tell you the truth, the car has never been to the store to see the actual car. Just place an order on the spider smart selection platform."

SAIC YUEJIN Light Truck H500  3

In early July 2020, 870 kilometers away in Nanjing, SAIC light truck smart manufacturing plant, this optional central control lock + remote control key, all-inclusive interior, 7.00R16 tires, air brake, intelligent working conditions, without reversing radar The wide-body Coke Red H500 VM powered pallet truck rolled off the assembly line smoothly.


"Choosing this car is because of H's appearance. It can be said that it is the most beautiful boy in the whole street!" said Master Xiao Li.


"On the Internet, it is said that our car has tiger eyes, antlers, and brave faces, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth!" Li Xiaofei smiled. is indeed, the SAIC Light Truck Express H500 all-car Coke red, the atmosphere is dazzling. With the square front face and the thick-line design, the "tough guy" in the car has a sense of sight. The three-spoke mesh grille design, with three large chrome-plated silver decorative strips, complements the red body, and the front face looks like a red denim ready to go.


"I chose halogen headlights this time. If equipped with LED lights, it will be more beautiful!" Master Xiao Li is a little regretful.


Speaking of why I chose a wide-body car to sell vegetables, Master Xiao Li said: "I am 185 in height, and the car is awkward to drive. The wide-body cab has a large space and can lie flat and can occasionally rest. The wide body has a wide wheelbase and stable cornering."


"I placed an order from the spider's smart selection platform. I returned from picking up the car in July. It is not very diligent. This car is equipped with SAIC V power, which runs fast and has strong power." Master Xiao Li told SAIC Express H series The motivation is very impressive.

SAIC YUEJIN Light Truck H500 

SAIC YUEJIN Light Truck H500


This H500 of Master Li is equipped with SAIC V power with a maximum output of 150 horsepower, and the maximum torque can reach 400N.m at 1500-2400rpm. It is full of power, 3-4 tons of cargo, and can easily reach 100.

 SAIC Light Truck H500

SAIC Light Truck H500


When driving for a long time, the comfort and safety of the vehicle are also very important to truck drivers. Master Xiao Li focused on the H500's cab and chassis tuning.


   "The A-pillar design is good, which can reduce blind spots, the cab is spacious, and it has an all-inclusive interior. The interior noise is well controlled. The interior workmanship can be compared with passenger cars."


   When I go to Yongnian Lacai, I sometimes walk some muddy roads. At this time, the advantages of the well-tuned H500 chassis are brought into play. "It feels very soft, not bumpy at all, and more comfortable than my previous car."


   At present, Li Shaofei has used Express H500 for 100 days. In the folks, babies will pass for a hundred days. Everyone gathers to celebrate and wish the future more fulfillment. However, for Li Shaofei born in the 90s, he has become accustomed to being busy: "By the end of the year, there are more goods to be pulled, like now it can exceed the front of the car by half a meter. This wide-body model is indeed very advantageous!"


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