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Zhongzhen Sign Reorganization Cooperation With Tianhui

Zhongzhen Sign Reorganization Cooperation With Tianhui

Dec 04, 2019

21th Oct. CRRC Urban Trafffic Co.,Ltd(CRRCSH), investment platform Shanghai Zhongzhen Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.(Zhongzhen) sign the reorganization cooperation with Anhui Tianhui Commercial Vehicle Investment Co.,Ltd( Tianhui)in Hehui.

He Dejun, General Manager of CRRCSH, Fu Guansheng, Deputy General Manager of CRRCSH, the Principal in charge of the relevant bureaus of the Feidong County Government, Finance Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission, etc. attended the signing ceremony, and Zhu Shugui, chairman of Anhui Tianhui Commercial Vehicle, and Ding Gang, general manager of Zhongzhen Equipment, signed the contract on behalf of both sides.

Zhongzhen Sign Reorganization Cooperation with Tianhui1

Anhui Tianhui commercial vehicles for many years has been deeply ploughing Anhui commercial vehicles and special vehicles market and look at the country to keep up with the future direction of the industry, is currently FAW liberation commercial vehicles, FAW Qingdao liberation in parts of Anhui, the first-level agents, and in Anhui Province and surrounding areas have a stable end-customer resources, Group customers and dozens of after-sales service channels, at the same time in the country's commercial vehicles and special vehicle modification field has a wealth of customers and upstream and downstream industrial resources. After more than ten years of development, sales and service revenue of more than one billion yuan, the initial formation of commercial vehicle sales, after-sales service and accessories, automotive finance, used vehicles, logistics and transportation, personnel training and commercial vehicles after the market intelligent information platform, such as the entire industrial chain characteristics of the modernization and information-based commercial vehicle ecological company.

Zhongzhen Sign Reorganization Cooperation with Tianhui2

This strategic reorganization cooperation memorandum was successfully signed, the County Committee of Feidong, the county government's concern and strong support. After signing the contract, it will build a bridge and platform with equity as the link, which will help the two sides to establish a sustained, stable and comprehensive cooperative relationship, and help to jointly create incremental, strong commercial vehicle headquarters economic group.

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