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The story began with a 20-people starting as truck parts workshop since February 1960 in Suizhou, China, this 60 -years- old state owned company have growing rapidly that evolved to employ more than 5000 people now.

CSCTRUCK constantly strives to make the leader in special truck industry innovations including patents and improvements to existing products, improving employee training and education, and improving communication with customers through technology. We are dedicated to deliver high quality products that help our customers expand and grow their own businesses.



1960s state-owned truck spare parts workshop in Wuhan. China name as Changjiang Auto Parts Factory.

1960s, the 20+ employ, who moves the facility, Wuhan where has a small parts shop to Suizhou, which the center of China agriculture machinery to produce trailers for agriculture tractors. Changed the name as Suizhou General Motor Vehicle Reequipping Factory.


1970s, Suizhou General Motor Vehicle Reequipping Factory divided with two factory, Hubei Chile Motor Vehicle (Group) Co.Ltd and Hubei Chu Sheng Motor Vehicle (Group) Co.Ltd (ChuSheng Co.).



In 1992, Suizhou General Motor Vehicle Reequipping Factory set a truck chassis production line which could compare with Dongfeng.



In 1993, Hubei ChuSheng Motor Vehicle (Group) Co.Ltd investigated USD 3 million built a 3000sqm new painting plant, imported British Drier patented technology, and updated the Punching and welding workshop.



In 1998, the special truck business was the most important industry for Suizhou Government, at same time, there were 58 special truck factories had been raised up. One of them is state owned company and with 5 medium size factories in Suizhou, which is the special truck founder in China. Employees 19483, with technician and engineers 1658, the whole Special Purpose Vehicle business support a value USD1.5 Billion for the whole city industry.

In 1994, ChuSheng Co. builds an 56,000 square meters addition to their SPV facility, adds 500 additional jobs to increase cargo van, dump truck and semitrailer production , yearly output 8,000 units of different kinds of trucks and trailers. Same year, “ChuSheng” was given a title with “Top-quality” brand.


In 1996, Chusheng Co. cooperated with Dongfeng Motor Co. established a SPV base for Dongfeng, developed a 8 Ton Tri-axle dump truck chassis in a short time was ranking the number 1 in the quality inspection hold by CIQC, and captured the China market soon.

In 1997,Chusheng Co. exported 50 Units dump truck to South Asia that started their International introduces their new oversea market, opened the door for their SPV exporting business.

1998, is Chusheng’s most difficult year ,the whole truck industry is certainly in a tight corner, a bunch of SPV factories been inevitably went to the road of bankruptcy, merger and reorganization. And the experienced sales , technicians from Chusheng’s Co , Chile Co. and Suizhou General Motor are all jump into SPV startup business. They are started in a mini workshop by hummers and humans, manufactured the special truck one unit and the other, gradually growing in the industry.


In 2002, the original staff -Wang Huanyi (from Chusheng Co), bought the bankrupted ChuSheng with USD 1.6 million, together with other 45 stuffs bulid up a new ChuSheng named as Suizhou ChuSheng Trailers Co., Ltd. ChuSheng shift its stated-owned company to private company.

In 2004, Hubei YuanTong Vehicle Sales Co.Ltd (private-owend) cooperated with Dongfeng (state-owned) set up a company named as Dongfeng Suizhou Speical Purpose Vehicle Co.Ltd, started the beginning with Enterprises of the Composite-Ownership System (State-owned + Private-capital), then a lot of state-owned company came to Suizhou, such as the Sinotruk, CHTC(China Hi-Tech Group Corporation), XGMA, CASC(China Aerospace Science and Tech Corporation, CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) etc. During the time to end of year 2018, there were totally with 11 numbers of mixer company for special truck and its parts business, general assets over then USD 6 Billion.


In 2005, Suizhou ChuSheng Trailers Co., Ltd. Changed name as ChuSheng Commercial Truck Co., Ltd (CSCTRUCK).

In 2006, CSCTRUCK passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification.


In December 2007, Suizhou was awarded as “ Metropolis of Special Truck” by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). CSCTRUCK be honored award the “Top 1” Quality Control System ranked in the special truck industry list.

In 2008, registered the image025 as Chinese Brand Name and logo, “CSCTRUCK” as brand English Name.

In December 2010, XGMA jointed into Chusheng Co. moved to a new plant which with a 200,000sqm , yearly output 30000units different kind of special trucks. State Owner share 62.5%, Private Owner 37.5%.


In 2011, CSCTRUCK rank in the 206th of the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”.

In April 2013, get the pressure vessel license in this year.


In December 2013, image025ranked in list of the “China's Well-known Trademarks” .

In December 2015, CSCTRUCK get the license for Research and Manufacturing on National Defense Weapons and Equipment.

In July 2018, CSCTRUCK get the license for manufacturing Fire Trucks.

In December 2018, CSCTRUCK became the acquirer’s subsidiary of CRCC which Controlling Shares with 99%. And expansion the facility to 700,000sqm. Products cover the ranged with 500 different kinds of special trucks and trailers, the leading products oil tank truck sale ranked in the top 1 , Wrecker Truck in the list of the top 3 six years. Garbage trucks tanked in the list of Top 10 in the whole China area.


Till 2019, CSCTRUCK capture the opportunity of ‘Belt & Road” National Policy , timely formulated a "Going Out" development strategy, vigorously explore overseas markets .CSCTRUCK have already exported to 21 different countries from South America, Africa, Asia ,Mid-east etc, totally value of export reach to USD109,000,000.