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● Regular manufacturer inspections of your equipment is the cornerstone.

● TPI Service, Customer or appointed third part pre-shipping factory-in inspection.

Loading & Delivery

A sea freight shipping protective coating or tarpaulin will be done before loading or delivery for the complete units. Our engineer whom experienced in sea shipping, will recommend you a money-saving-delivery-planning based on your equipment size and customer assembly ability by means of delivered complete equipment, complete knocked down, semi knocked down operation.

● Light duty vehicle or SKD trailers will be available in loading with 20GP / 40HQ containers.

● The special OT / FR containers will be better choice for oversize trucks or trailers.

● RORO Vessel is the best choice for heavy duty trucks full protectively and costly.

● Optional cheaper way for loading the heavy duty truck or trailers is the Bulk Shipment.


Whether it is the installation of our delivered CKD/SKD equipment, or special truck mounted superstructure onto your owned truck chassis, you can be confident that using our installation services will provide the highest quality installation to your specification.

We can even help with the design and installation of accessory equipment, such as lighting, truck bodies etc.

By working closely with truck chassis manufacturers, we ensure we have the latest design guidelines and use up-to-date stability calculation and design software. This ensures the installation is safe and conforms to the latest legislation.


CSCTRUCK's fully accredited service personnel not only know everything there is to know about your truck or trailer, they also understand how important it is that swift service or repair time is essential to keeping downtime to a minimum.

We offers your operators by

● Online training

● Onsite training

● Manufacturer training

A skilled operator will use the product's feature in the optimal way, and work more efficiently.

● Regular inspections

● Factors impact the running

● Regular maintenance


Often, truck owners plan to upgrade or change their trucks or trailers after a certain period of time, such as five years. To get the most value from your investment, you need to be sure your truck or trailers is built durably to its core. Check that the base is cast in strong steel, that parts do not require frequent replacement and that you are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

We know that when you are having questions What resale value do I want to maintain in my trucks and trailers what period of time? Whenever you take delivery of a new CSCTRUCK product a 1-year-warranty is included.

You also need to plan ahead for normal service and wear and tear. Make sure the things you can take care of yourself are within easy reach. And also make sure that you always have access to a professionals specialized in your truck & trailer’s needs, no matter where in the world you are.

Any fault that might happen during your warranty period is part of our guaranteed customer care.

Service Question:

1) Call us at +86 722 7609800 to get to the Service Department.

2) Please provide us with the VIN of your Truck’ Serial Number.

3) Depending on your question, I may need more detail, but we will work together on that so that we can get the answers that you need.

4) If the outcome of your conversation with the Service Manager is that you will need some parts for your truck, the Service Manager will work with you and the Parts Department to get your order in place.

Warranty Request:

1) Call us at +86 722 7609800 to get to the Service Department.

2) Please provide us with the VIN of your Truck’ Serial Number.

3) Typically when we are discussing work and parts to go under warranty we will need some pictures to go along with the background. This helps us not only in the initial conversation about what happened, but helps us in the Service department determine if there are production or communication changes needed to help eliminate this problem from reoccurring.

4) Work with the Service Manager with the details of your warranty, once determined that this fits under Warranty, the Service Manager will provide you with parts free.

I look forward to working with you on your trucks & trailers.